Diamond Studs on Rare Carat

Diamond Stud History

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Earrings made of precious metals and diamonds, as well as other stones, have been recorded to be found in use as early as 2500 BC. Throughout the ages, we have adorned ourselves with jewelry and the diamond stud has become a style of earring that is widely loved by both men and women no matter your personal style. The first step to designing your perfect pair of studs is to decide on a budget and therefore the total carat weight of your desired earring. There are diamond studs that are solitaire stones, meaning one diamond in each ear. There are also stud designs that have more than one diamond, like a halo setting or a cluster. For earrings set with more than one stone, you will have to calculate the total carat weight you are looking for and make sure you have the correct number of stones.

4 prong studs.jpeg

Diamond Stud Design

For a pair of classic diamond stud earrings, many people choose one round diamond set in white gold, yellow gold or platinum, set with prongs or in a bezel. Some more intricate designs feature metalwork that surrounds the stone and some as noted before feature smaller stones surrounding this larger round diamond, in the case of a halo.

emerald cut studs surrounded by a round diamond halo

You can also design a pair of diamond earrings using other diamond shapes, for example cushions or princesses. These squarer shapes are also beautiful in earring designs and it is really up to you what kind of style you are going for.

A Matched Pair

In terms of picking your stones, as long as the diamonds you choose are a good match in terms of color, clarity and measurements, you should be set to go. Each stone has different measurements as well as different ratings for the 4 C’s - color, clarity, cut and carat weight. It is important that you have two stones that look as similar as possible to the naked eye and on paper so they match up and look great.

Diamond studs are great because they are unisex, they can be worn to work or to a black tie event and the best part is you get to design them yourself! Happy Designing!

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