Independent advice on your diamond engagement ring.

Figuring out how to buy a diamond? Still think one of the diamond 4C’s is carrot? 🥕 Speaking of which, orange you glad we’re here?

This site was built by someone exactly your shoes not too long ago, not a jeweler trying to sell you a diamond. We’ve got the lowdown on what really matters, from optimizing your budget, to avoiding the hidden problems jewelers don’t mention.

Written and reviewed by diamond experts. Every single article was either written by or thoroughly reviewed by one of Rare Carat’s GIA Graduate Gemologists.

Diamonds 101

Diamond Clarity | 4C's Education | Rare Carat

Does it have visible imperfections? You’ll simply want to look for an ‘eye clean’ diamond.
Diamonds 101

Diamond Carat | 4C's Education | Rare Carat

How much does it weigh? A.k.a. how big is that bling!
Diamonds 101

Diamond Certification & Grading | 4C's Education | Rare Carat

Confused about the difference between grading labs & reports from GIA, AGS & IGI? We strongly recommend sticking to GIA (Gemological Institute of America).
Diamonds 101

Diamond Color | 4C's Education | Rare Carat

Is it colorless? Or does it have a slight yellow shade? It’s a trade-off for your budget.
Diamonds 101

Diamond Cut | 4C's Education | Rare Carat

How much will a diamond sparkle? For round brilliants, stick to Excellent cut. For fancy cuts, leave the filter open and use our suggested values for depth and table.
Diamonds 101

Diamond Fluorescence | 4C's Education | Rare Carat

Does it glow under black light? Diamond fluorescence lowers price and can help lower colors look whiter - but in rare cases can make a stone look milky.
Diamonds 101

Lab Grown Diamonds | Rare Carat

Lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds: should you buy a lab grown diamond? Get Rare Carat's unbiased perspective on the pros & cons of lab created diamonds.
Diamonds 101

Diamond Shapes | The 4Cs Education | Rare Carat

Make sure you get this one right. Stalk her Pinterest and use our view on hand tool.
Diamonds 101

Engagement Ring Settings Guide | Rare Carat

After the diamond comes the setting. You can set it with the online jeweler selling the diamond or with a local jeweler.