Wholesaler? Sell to millions
of consumers instantly

List your diamonds to consumers, compete in real time
for their business, and we’ll handle the rest
List wholesale diamonds
direct to consumers
Rare Carat is America’s #1 marketplace, used and trusted by millions of shoppers
Compete on prices
in real time
Rare Carat is a live marketplace, so you can compete in real time! Lowering your price will instantly lower the price for shoppers
We’ll handle logistics and
customer service
Ship diamonds to Rare Carat for verification, then Rare Carat will ship to the customer and handle customer service
how to get started selling to consumers
Minimum requirements
  • Transparent listings of certificate numbers
  • Certified conflict-free diamonds only
Screening process
  • Reference checks with industry members you’ve done business with
  • Personal interviews and site visits conducted by Rare Carat staff
  • Credit checks and financial reviews
Onboarding on the marketplace
  • Our design team will help you create a consumer brand to list under, to help you avoid conflict with your current sales channels
  • Our analytics team will provide pricing intelligence to help you compete effectively
  • Our operations team will pair you with a ring settings manufacturer so you can offer completed rings to the customer
Selling on the marketplace
  • You will receive a notification each time one of your diamonds is purchased, and you must confirm availability as soon as possible
  • You will ship any ordered diamonds to us for verification (no shipments will be permitted directly to the customer)
  • Customers will pay on our secure gateway to protect their payment information, and we will pay you

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