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What Does it Mean to be a Gemologist? | Rare Carat

Gemology is the wonderful world that encompasses the science of studying, advising on, valuing and identifying diamonds and colored gemstones and minerals. A gemologist is someone who works in this profession, and has gone through the training and graduated from an establishment that teaches this trade.

In our case, anyone you interact with - aside from our lovely CEO - is a graduate gemologist. This means any suggestions or recommendations you receive from us is an educated response. You'll find this is something that's not all that common to online or even big brand-name jewelry companies. We don't have customer service reps, we have a staff full of legit, educated professionals that are here to offer the same advice to you as they would a friend - if we wouldn't buy it, we won't ask you to either.

What kind of training/certification do they receive?

The Gemological Institute of America sign at the Carlsbad, CA campus

All of our gemologists received their Graduate Gemologist diploma from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). In order to receive your credentials, you must pass three courses along with passing a rigorously graded hands-on lab, that gives real world experience. The first course you will learn to grade and evaluate diamonds according to the 4 C's, detect simulants and post-growth treatments, differentiate lab grown diamonds vs. natural, and more.

In our case, the diamond course is going to be the most applicable, but GG's are also trained on analyzing and determining colored gemstones, and being able to identify what kind they are by the characteristics of the gemstone, like color and rough gem shape. This offers a very well-rounded education, that creates the foundation for any profession involving gems and diamonds.

You may also hear see the letters AJP after some gemologists' names, and that is referring to them possessing the Applied Jewelry Professional credential. This means they've taken courses on diamonds, colored stones, and jewelry fundamentals to combine into a certificate from the GIA. This also ensures that they are well-rounded in their studies, and have an understanding of the different facets that go into jewelry and it's components.

Why does it matter?

So why does it matter if someone is a gemologist or not? Well, getting your diploma in all things diamond and gem related means that they have all the training and knowledge needed to find small imperfections in any stone that an untrained eye may glance over. They also have the background to back up their recommendations to you. Overall, when you reach out to one of the gemologists, you aren't just talking to someone who likes diamonds and has read a few articles online about them, these are people who have gone through their training and passed their classes and labs to become full blown Graduate Gemologists. Their opinions aren't just based on personal preference, but backed by science!

Are you ready to be wowed by one of our Gemologists now that you know what they do and the training they get to be able to help? Click on the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand of the screen that says "Chat With A Gemologist" and you'll be able to get in contact with one of our secret weapons!

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