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How Does Rare Carat Ship Its Diamonds? | Rare Carat Shipping

How Much Time Does Shipping take?

Shipping time depends on each diamond and ring. The exact shipping time estimate is indicated right below the Add To Cart button on product pages or the Checkout button on Complete cart pages.

Confirming The Diamond

Whether you ordered a loose diamond, or complete ring, the shipping process is the same. Once you've placed an order, the team will work on confirming your diamond. This is where we check with the suppliers to make sure the diamond hasn't been sold since the inventory on the site was last updated. This process usually takes between 24-48 hours, but can take up to a maximum of 72. You won't be charged until we know the diamond is yours!

We will notify our suppliers overseas that the diamond has been sold, and they will have a final look at the diamond to make sure it is of great quality, and alert us if for some reason it is hazy, or has some other factor that can make it undesirable that did not show up in the images. They will always do their best to have the best interest of the customer, and offer an honest recommendation of other stones that could be a better choice if the one purchased is not recommended by them.

If the diamond was marked as having some kind of undesirable characteristic and is not recommended, but you still choose to purchase it, that is fine as well. After we have your confirmation, the diamond will be marked "confirmed available" and funds will be processed.

When we know the diamond is all yours for the taking, we will charge the account you provided for the price of the order. We will email an invoice to you afterwards, showing the breakdown of charges. This means the diamond is in the process of being on its way to you!

Once Confirmed

Once the diamond has been shipped from the supplier, it will be flown overseas and go through customs to make it to the US. Sometimes this take a little longer than others- this is not common, but since the pandemic, it has created a slightly more unpredictable time. We usually know when this is affecting our business, and in turn will let you as the customer know as well to expect a slightly longer lead time, (usually only by a few days).

On To The Manufacturer

After the diamond is cleared through customs it is sent to one of our manufacturers, they will inspect the laser inscription and diamond info on the report (carat weight, color, clarity) to make sure it's the same diamond that was ordered. Once it is confirmed as the same diamond, it will either be set and handcrafted into a complete ring, packaged and sent to you loose if there was no setting in the order. Either way, we will ensure that the same diamond that was in the order, is the one you receive.


All packages are shipped overnight via FedEx or UPS. Each package is fully insured and will need to be signed for by someone 18 or older upon delivery. You will get tracking information sent via email the night before the package ships out to ensure someone is home to sign for it. Our outer packaging is a nondescript FedEx box and will not clearly indicate its sender.

Want More Info?

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