Diamond Stud Earrings for Men - Oh Yes!

So, dude, you’re thinking about piercing your ears? Oh yes, now is the perfect time. Men sporting earrings have always been sexy. Just like riding a motorcycle, a guy wearing an earring telegraphs a “bad boy” quality that any woman - and many men - find irresistible. There are plenty of reasons to fill that piercing with a statement-making diamond stud earring.

History of the Diamond Stud

4 prong white gold studs with diamond center

Diamond stud earrings may have made their first appearance in the ears of ancient Egyptian royalty. King Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus is said to have had holes drilled through its earlobes. Covering the holes were golden disks, perhaps intended to keep his soul trapped within the majestic coffin. In ancient Rome, men wore diamond studs to communicate wealth and status.

Earrings in men have served a variety of purposes throughout the years. European pirates, for example, are known to have worn earrings, although mostly in shiny gold, for more than one reason. Should a pirate fall overboard and die at sea, for example, his golden earrings could be used to pay for a proper burial. It is also possible pirates used earrings in an effort to see better. Auriculotherapy, the practice of acupuncture focused on the outer ear, was promoted heavily in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. The ear lobe was considered the site most closely related to improving vision. Piercing it meant constant stimulation for the eyes.

As the oldest form of body modification, pierced ears have always held a sacred meaning. Buddhist monks, for instance, wear earrings to indicate their level of spiritual enlightenment. Jump a few continents and we find the same thing in the US: hippies in the 1960’s adopting pierced ears in the Age of Aquarius.

Many of us thank contemporary American hip-hop culture for the revival of men wearing a nice pair of diamond stud earrings. Rappers roll in a world where statement jewelry, including diamond studded watches, necklaces, and earrings, are the currency of confidence and style. Round, princess cut, traditional colorless or even yellow and chocolate diamonds, some style peacocks represent the best of what’s out there. harry-swales-0l0KjNoAfAk-unsplash.jpg

The 4C's - Buying Guide

As with any diamond purchase, use the 4C’s to guide your selection when shopping for your diamond studs.

Cut- the shape of your stone. Look for symmetry within a single stone and smooth shaping that pleases the eye. If you’re purchasing a pair, look at them together so you know they’re a match.

Color- Your choice, from colorless to fancy colors. Select your setting in the metal color- yellow, white or rose gold- that makes the most of your stones. Your jeweler can show you your options, or you can look online for inspiration.

Clarity- clarity characteristics make every diamond unique. As a general rule, aim for a higher clarity grade the larger your diamonds.

Carat Weight- this translates most visibly to size but check out the overall shape of your stones to see where the weight resides. You want a well-proportioned stone with a pleasing face-up (link) appearance.

In this day and age, almost any man can sport a diamond earring or two, no matter his lifestyle, profession, or age. Feel free to use yours to convey your sacred sense of self to the outside world.

Randi Chervitz
Randi Chervitz
Randi Chervitz is an independent studio jeweler in Saint Louis, Missouri. For more than thirty years she has explored fiber techniques in precious metals, passionately working by hand. Randi adores sparkly things and is always excited to share about them.