Diamonds 101

Diamond Shape Guide

Composite image showing round, oval, cushion, princess, emerald, radiant, asscher, marquise, heart, and pear diamonds lined up in two rows against a white background

Once you’ve figured this one out you’re in ‘good shape’ on your diamond buying journey! Here at Rare Carat we see millions of searches. We’ve crunched the numbers on which diamond shapes are most in demand:

  1. Round - 40%
  2. Cushion - 15%
  3. Oval - 15%
  4. Princess - 8%
  5. Emerald - 7%
  6. Radiant - 5%
  7. Pear - 5%
  8. Asscher - 2%
  9. Marquise - 2%
  10. Heart - 1%

And here’s our quick need-to-know on each one in order of popularity - with a rough estimate for the cost of a 1 carat H color VS1 clarity diamond by shape.

Round Cut Diamonds

If you’re scared of going wrong, this is definitely a safe choice. Classic, traditional, and the most popular one by far. However, you could get the same size (carat weight) in a non-round for less. 1 ct Round H VS1 estimate: $5,100

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Cushion Cut Diamonds

So this is definitely ‘in’ right now. Meghan Markle, Priyanka Chopra all got cushion diamonds in their engagement ring. It kind of looks like a round from far away, it’s still a classic shape, and is cheaper than the round for the same size. 1 ct Cushion H VS1 estimate: $3,050

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Oval Cut Diamonds

Think round but just a little stretched – and it’ll make her fingers look longer and more elegant. 1 ct Oval H VS1 estimate: $4,060

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Princess Cut Diamonds

You have softer, rounder shapes like above – and more angular ones like this the princess cut. It comes with a different set of things to watch out for like symmetry and ‘chevrons’. 1 ct Princess H VS1 estimate: $3,430

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Emerald Cut Diamonds

This Great Gatsby look shines in a totally different way – it’s more like a ‘hall of mirrors’ than your traditional sparkle. Beyoncé rocks a massive one that’s worth $5m, for what that’s worth. 1 ct Emerald H VS1 estimate: $3,520

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Radiant Cut Diamonds

Well, it’s like a princess cut and an emerald cut got together, and you know, had a baby. 1 ct Radiant H VS1 estimate: $3,300

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Pear Cut Diamonds

You’ve got wide ones, thin ones – and the rule to follow is the Goldilocks principle: find one that’s ‘just’ right in terms of length:width ratio. 1 ct Pear H VS1 estimate: $3,800

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Asscher Cut Diamonds

Totally like the Emerald’s younger sibling – just with cut corners so it’s like an octagon rather than a rectangle – again, very Great Gatsby. 1 ct Asscher H VS1 estimate: $2,900

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Marquise Cut Diamonds

OK, not the most popular but it is one of my favorites. You just need to be careful on getting the right one – watch out for the length:width ratio and ‘bowties’. 1 ct Marquise H VS1 estimate: $3,700

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Heart Cut Diamonds

Like all matters of the heart, this is a tricky one. It’s an awkward shape to get right when cutting but if you like the symbolism for it, go ahead. 1 ct Heart H VS1 estimate: $3,700

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