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Rian here - we’ve written these color grade articles for you to get the nitty gritty on each diamond color grade. You can also get the big picture: view our page on the diamond color scale or read more posts in diamonds 101 about specific diamond colors. Enjoy!

The Details About H Color Diamonds

If you read my last article, you’ll know I waxed lyrical about the merits of G color diamonds.

But I’ll fill you in on a little secret here guys and gals, I love H colored diamonds . For me, H is the perfect color. It still faces up white just like its G colored cousins, but it’s even cheaper. You see, the diamond industry has caught on to the fact that consumers want G color stones, and because of this they tend to be much pricier than H colored stones one grade down.

Furthermore, if a diamond grader has a stone that is on the cusp of H and G color band, they might be tempted to grade it as a G in the hopes of making a little more money off of it (this will not happen in the big laboratories however). So in reality you could be paying for an H color diamond at a G color price.

Even though at this stage you might be able to tell the difference between a D color and an H color (if they are next to each other on their sides), telling the difference between a G and an H colored diamond will be difficult.

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H Color Diamond Tricks

If you do find yourself spotting hints of color in the H range but want to stay at that grade anyway, there are a few tricks you can use in order to make that slightly tinted diamond look whiter. First of all, go for a yellow gold setting. The yellow band will actually distract you from the yellow tints in the stone, making it appear whiter.

Another fool proof trick is to set the diamond in a ring that has other, lower color grade diamonds. That’s because lower colored diamonds such as I or J on either side of your center stone, will make that H appear even whiter! The final trick for making your diamond look whiter, is to get the absolute best, top notch cut you can afford. The perfect symmetry, polish and dimensions will act as the ultimate distraction by blinding you with fire and brilliance.

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Dr. Rian Mulcahy
Dr. Rian Mulcahy
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