Diamond Earrings: Best Cuts | Rare Carat

Finding your perfect shape for your diamond ring may seem complicated enough, but earrings? Double the fun. Lean in for some advice on what are the best cuts for diamond earrings.

As you’ve read in The Shape Guide, fancy shapes tend to be cheaper on average than the round brilliant, making it possible to go for more carats with the same budget. You might be tempted now to push the fashion and price envelope with some fancy shapes, but word to the wise—it’s best to keep it simple.

Which Shapes are Best for Diamond Earrings

4 prong basket style round diamond studs in white metal

Even though your earrings won’t be exactly viewed side-by-side, there’s being mismatched and then there’s being well-matched. It makes sense why classic shapes like round and princess cuts are favored. At the end of the day, they are the easiest to match in terms of equal dimensions while also retaining optimal results of brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

What Shapes are the Easiest to Match

But if you’d like to explore outside of the scope of the round and princess, here’s what we’d recommend if all else is equal in terms of the 4Cs (remember, excellent/ideal cuts only please).

emerald cut studs surrounded by a round diamond halo

As you can see, most of the straight-line shapes are at the top because they have controllable lines and proportions. The further you get down the list, there’s less availability of stock, lack of double symmetry (north-south/east-west), and an increased chance of shape variance which lowers appeal (ie. flatness or bulging).

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Julie Chang
Julie Chang
Julie wore out the gem section of the encyclopedia as a child so her path to becoming a violinist turned art historian turned jewelry nerd was fait accompli. Prior to gaining her GIA Graduate Gemologist diploma, she received her Master of Letters at Christie's Education/University of Glasgow. Lucky to have the diamond as her birthstone, she especially loves them in antique cuts but also adores color-changing alexandrites.