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What You Need to Know About Emerald Cut Diamonds | Rare Carat

  • The emerald shape is classic - Beyoncé and Paris Hilton chose emerald cut diamonds.
  • Emerald shape diamonds have what is called a “step cut”. Meaning, not only will your diamond have incredible flashes of light, it also won’t need to have an excessive depth, which leaves all the carat weight right on top (and thus looks bigger).
  • When it comes to color, my advice is; don’t go below H, emerald cut diamonds are not forgiving.
  • Emeralds are even also terrible at hiding inclusions. I wouldn’t go below a VS2 clarity diamond. Also, make sure you see an actual picture of the diamond to see where the inclusions are located.

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Dr. Rian Mulcahy
Dr. Rian Mulcahy
Rian is officially a Diamond PhD - just ping us if you’d like to read her fascinating 200-page thesis, titled Facets of Value: An Investigation into the Formation of Worth in the Diamond Market. She has consulted various firms all along the pipeline, from the rough diamond market to the recycled diamond industry. She holds an MA in Globalisation and Development from University College Cork and a PhD in the Sociology of Diamond Valuation from the London School of Economics.