Should You Get a Bridal Set?

So there you are, deep in the thick of learning about diamonds for your upcoming engagement ring purchase when- Bam!- the seller leans slyly to the side, looks up at you and asks, “And… have you thought about a bridal set?”

What IS a “Bridal Set,” Anyway?

While the cynical among us may hear mention of the Bridal Set as a way of increasing a sale, rest assured, your jeweler may actually be doing you a favor. Bridal sets do serve a purpose, several of them, in fact.

First, let’s clarify what a Bridal Set is. A Bridal Set consists of two rings that coordinate in metal color and design and can be worn separately or together after the wedding ceremony. Sometimes the wedding band even has a curve or notch in it that allows the two rings to nestle together, uniting to create a bolder statement ring.


The Tortoise and the Hare

The Bridal Set is a perfect metaphor for both stages of this exciting and significant chapter of your lives.

In most bridal sets the engagement ring tends to be a showstopper, sort of the like Hare in the classic children’s tale. The wedding band itself tends to be somewhat subtler in design, reflecting the deeper, long-lasting sentiment of “Till death us do part.” This is the message of the Tortoise in this important allegory. Let’s look at this more closely.

The engagement ring is traditionally presented by itself, at the same time the groom “pops” the all-important question. After the “Yes!” the engagement ring becomes the symbol of the upcoming event, embodying all the flash and joy that accompanies a couple’s choice to commit to a new life together. Much like the Hare, your diamond engagement ring sprints to center stage as you receive pre-wedding good wishes from family and friends.

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But like the slow-and-steady Tortoise, the wedding band itself waits quietly in its box until the wedding day, gearing up for its long-haul adventure. It is called into action during the wedding ceremony, where you slip it on your intended’s ring finger while vowing to uphold your commitment for a lifetime. This is the real win. When this happens, the matching band becomes the symbol of your new life together.

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Fine Design

Classic children’s tales aside, another advantage of choosing a set is that you get two rings that look great together. Fine design is a source of lasting pleasure in life and never does it matter more than when choosing your wedding jewelry. Pieces that work together intentionally will be a lifelong source of delight.

Some bridal set designs feature classic details in the metal of the band, such as a fine milgrain texture or a unique incised pattern. Other designs use the same diamond shapes in repeating patterns on both the engagement ring and wedding band, establishing a clear visual connection.

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Contemporary bridal set designs tend to carry a high bling factor, replete with shimmering pave` bands and icy halos encircling center stones. Unifying these parts after the ceremony magnifies this eye-catching beauty, creating a whole with even more sparkle than its parts - much like you and your bride in your new life together.

One final advantage in purchasing a Bridal Set is ease. After finding the diamond engagement ring that sets her heart aflutter, your jeweler can help you match it to a coordinating band. Saving time in this way might sound unromantic, but you’ll be patting yourself on the back in the busy weeks before the wedding, when re-visiting your jewelry professional to choose another ring will not be on your To-Do list.

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Like the Tortoise and the Hare, choose a Bridal Set that tells your story of the pop of excitement, and your commitment to the long haul. Your engagement ring jumpstarts the race, and your wedding band gives you the big win.

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Randi Chervitz
Randi Chervitz
Randi Chervitz is an independent studio jeweler in Saint Louis, Missouri. For more than thirty years she has explored fiber techniques in precious metals, passionately working by hand. Randi adores sparkly things and is always excited to share about them.