Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings | Rare Carat

No matter your budget or the carat size stone you are looking for there are a few important things to remember when shopping for an oval diamond. Oval's vary in shape, some are elongated and thinner in diameter while others are a bit rounder and chubbier. You can see this by taking a look at images of the stones you are interested in or looking at the measurements of the stone or its certificate. Once you have chosen your center stone, you can consider some designs and narrow down your preferences to purchase your perfect ring!

Oval Solitaire

An Oval solitaire ring looks gorgeous set in any color metal with any number of prongs. It is a super classic design that features a single Oval stone and a metal band that can either be rounded, flat, engraved, textured or customized to your liking! This design looks beautiful no matter your diamond’s carat size and can be easily maintained and worn every day with every outfit.

An oval shaped diamond set in 6 prongs in a yellow gold ring

Oval Halo

The halo design features a small ring of diamonds, usually round, that encircles the oval center stone. This design is delicate and sparkly and the halo around your oval stone adds to your total carat weight. The size of the diamonds set in the halo can vary and should be proportionate to your center stone so again it is important to check measurements. Color and clarity also come into play here and should be a close grade to the center stone so that all the diamonds match and look perfect in your final design.

oval halos.png

Oval Three stone

A three stone ring featuring an oval center is a popular choice for someone who wants a classic design featuring typically larger stones. In this design, the center stone is paired with two matching side stones. Some people like to choose side stones that are not diamonds and add some color by using sapphires or rubies, or maybe you have a different stone that holds significance to you.

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 8.59.21 AM.png

Oval with Pave

This pave design features a prominent oval center stone with side stones set on the shank of the ring. These smaller diamonds are usually pave set going ¼, ½ or ¾ of the way around the band of your ring, adding just a delicate touch of extra diamonds. You can choose the size of your stones but again make sure in terms of color and clarity they complement the metal you are using for your ring as well as your center stone!

oval pave .png

Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee
Sophie is a born diamond, gemstone and antique jewelry enthusiast. She began working with jewelry while living in Tel Aviv, earned her GIA AJP in 2020 and is currently a multimedia artist in NYC, specializing in paintings and jewelry that she produces and designs.