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How to Perfectly Size a Diamond Engagement Ring

How to perfectly size a diamond engagement ring to fit your love (or for your own knowledge) is such a good question to have! No one wants to wait for resizing to happen after a proposal to be able to wear the ring…we’ve already been waiting our whole life at this point! So, how should a diamond engagement ring fit exactly? Is there a normal ring size?? How do you find the right size without directly asking said person?! All things we are going to cover so hopefully your engagement proposal ends in a perfectly fitted diamond engagement ring.

How Should the Ring Fit

The fit of the engagement ring is super important for two reasons: comfort, and protection. If the ring is too tight it will leave an indentation, potentially cutting off blood flow, forcing you to amputate the finger (okay… jk about the last one)…but too loose and it could slip right off at any life moment (I see myself on a boat with speeding water below and the ring disappearing forever). The proper fit of a ring would be able to slide over the knuckles fairly easily but be harder to pull off. It should also rest against the base of your finger snugly, without causing indents or finger bulging around it. The ring should just rest comfortably on your finger.

Something else to consider is the type of climate you live in. Warmer climates tend to cause swelling for some people…so does exercising, eating a lot of salt, rapid elevation changes, and I’m sure there are a million other things…but in warmer climates especially, potentially sizing a quarter size larger to account for this might help if frequent finger swelling is an issue.

[Pro tip - when in doubt, go up in size because it’s a lot easier for a jeweler to resize the ring smaller than to resize the ring larger.]

Is There a Normal Ring Size

The short answer is that there is an “average” ring size sure, just like an average shoe size or any other apparel, but there is no “normal” ring size. Realistically, there are so many variables to a finger size that buying a ring size purely based on the average size purchased in the world isn’t the best idea. Also!! Ring size does not correlate with dress size, shirt size, or any other clothing size! The fingers have a size of their own! This brings us to our next topic…

How Do You Find the Ring Size without Asking

This is incredibly important if you’re going for the element of surprise! The easiest way to figure out their ring size is to watch for a ring they wear on their left hand ring finger, then secretly borrow that ring the next time it’s not being worn. Once you have it, take it to a jeweler. They will be able to tell you the exact size. All fingers have different sizes so make sure you get the left hand ring finger!

Another idea is to ask a friend or family member if they know your person’s ring size, or if they could figure it out in a very non-obvious way for you. I’m sure any loving person would gladly go out of their way to help.

To sum it up, the fit of a diamond engagement ring is very important! It is a ring that is worn every single day, so comfort is the number one key. Don’t worry too much though, size can be fixed if need be. It is the effort of trying to get the right size that is important… but also bonus points for nailing it the first time!

Breean Mokede
Breean Mokede
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