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Sometimes it's tricky to know if you're getting a good deal. And we're on the side of getting more bang for your buck around here! With lab made diamonds rising in popularity over the past 20-30 years since initial creation, you may be curious what a good price for the popular size of a 1 carat lab grown may be going at. We'll go over lots of different color, clarity and cut grades here, so you can get a great idea!

1 carat, high color grades

D-F IF-SI2 (1).jpg

The color grades of D-F are in the totally colorless range. This is the cream of the crop as far as color goes. These colors are a little more hard to come by, and thus, slightly more expensive than lower color grades. However, scientists and gemologists specializing in LGD's have realized that using the HPHT after a CVD diamond is created (as post-growth treatment) is an easy way to help the diamond's internal molecular lattice form better, and alleviate some color that could have shown up in the diamond. This helps to offer a diamond that has less color, and be less expensive since it was a relatively easy fix!

You can see in this example, that even with high color, there's a decent difference in price as the clarity scale starts to go lower. However, regardless of clarity grades, these diamonds will be bright white, and- when staying above VS2 as a good rule of thumb- will also be eye-clean.

1 carat, near-colorless range

GHI (1).jpg

In this case, we can start to notice that sometimes there's a range in which prices can be estimated at "great, good, fair and steep". To help with this, we've created the price estimator that offers you an idea of if the diamond is a great deal, or if maybe there could be better priced options available as well. Check out more info on it here!

Overall, what's the average price of a 1 carat lab grown diamond?

There's a ton of variations that can affect the price of the diamond- clarity, color, cut grade, and of course weight. Keeping the 1ct weight in mind-

high color and clarity, expect an average price anywhere from $1,200-$4,800

midrange color and clarity, expect average price of $1,100-$3,200

lower color and clarity expect an average price of $700-$2,500

**These prices are current as of February 2022, and can fluctuate depending on the market changes for lab grown diamonds

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Lex Alcala
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