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Rian here - we’ve written these color grade articles for you to get the nitty gritty on each diamond color grade. You can also get the big picture: view our page on the diamond color scale or read more posts in diamonds 101 about specific diamond colors. Enjoy!

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The Details About F Color Diamonds

F colored diamonds are the last stop on the colorless scale, but trying to tell the difference between an E color and an F color diamond is extremely difficult. In fact, even determining a color difference between a D and an F is tough.

So far, I’ll admit that I have been a little less than enthusiastic in suggesting you buy colorless D-F stones. I do believe that D and E color diamonds can be a waste of money, especially if you are going for a round diamond (or indeed any shape with a brilliant cut).

 However, there are two cases in which I think it advisable to splash out on this higher grade of color; with a large stone, and with a step cut. With a larger sized diamond (let’s say over 2 carats), any hints of color are more noticeable and so you are better off sticking with an F or higher - otherwise G color should be fine.

In terms of ‘step’ cut, I am talking here about the shape of the stone. For example, if you are purchasing an emerald or asscher cut diamond, you do need to be sitting in the colorless band (F or higher) otherwise you will catch that hint of color much more easily.

This is simply because with those types of shapes, there are fewer facets on the diamond, and therefore less opportunity for light to bounce around inside the stone. F color should work wonders in keeping that step cut stone brilliantly white.

One final note on settings here folks; an F colored diamond (or higher) should really be placed inside a white gold or platinum setting. Yellow gold will tend to bring out any tiny hint of color that’s in the stone, which is obviously not what you want if you are forking out those big bucks on a colorless diamond in the first place.

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Dr. Rian Mulcahy
Dr. Rian Mulcahy
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