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Hey there, glad you found us! We're not just all about engagement rings around here (even though they are pretty great!), we also offer diamond pendants as well! Who doesn't love a classy diamond necklace? I sure do. So here's the step-by-step process to creating your perfect diamond solitaire pendant in no time!

Where To Start

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 11.05.46 AM.png When you are searching for the diamond for your pendant, you'll notice it is the same search that you would use to find loose diamonds for rings. In the beginning, the process is the same - choose your diamond shape, budget, color or clarity specs, etc. This will help you narrow down options to find the perfect dazzling diamond.

Choosing The Setting

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 11.11.14 AM.png Once you've found the diamond and click "add to ring or bag" it will give you a drop down option that says "add to pendant". Once you click this, the diamond is safely in your cart, and you can go on to choose the setting. Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 10.44.34 AM.png

The setting selection is also quite similar to the rings, and we have over 20 styles to choose from! From classic, to antique, to halo, there's many choices available.

If you need any assistance, or help choosing a setting for your diamond, feel free to reach out to one of our great gemologists, by clicking on the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen! We're here to help every step of the way.

Lex Alcala
Lex Alcala
Lex has been studying and diving into the gem world for years. She’s finally able to combine her love of writing and passion for all things gem and diamond related as a writer for Rare Carat. When she’s not working on on creating fun and fascinating articles or studying for her Graduate Gemologist Diploma, she’s hanging with her husband and 3 amazing bonus kids.