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4 Carat Loose Diamonds
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FAQ about 4 Carat Natural Diamonds

The value of a 4 carat diamond is largely going to be determined by the 4C’s and the shape. Round brilliant cut diamonds, no matter the carat weight, are going to be the most expensive option because they are the most sought after. Cut is always going to be the most important of the 4C’s because that’s how it gets its sparkle and shine. Color and clarity are more up to personal preference. For the clarity, you want to go for a diamond that is eye clean - typically a VS2 or higher, but some SI1’s can be eye clean. For the color, go with what you like! Want an icy white diamond? Stick with a DEF. Don’t mind a little warmth? An H-K is a great option. The most popular color grade is going to be a G. It faces up white but doesn’t have the hefty price tag of a colorless diamond. A well cut, round brilliant 4 carat diamond has a starting price of just over $40,000 in the K/SI2 range and goes up to just over $197,000 for a D/VVS2.

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