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Heart Shaped Diamond Facts

Image of a sparkling heart cut diamond with a black background

Rian here - Let's get right to the gist of what makes heart cut diamonds special and what you should look for when buying a heart shape diamond.

  • Hearts are extremely hard to make. If you really want one, make sure you find a good diamond cutter.
  • If you want to see the actual heart shape, your diamond needs to be big enough.
  • Heart cut diamonds are very good at holding their color. I suggest you don’t go below a G color diamond if you don’t like warm tones.
  • You might think heart cut diamonds hide inclusions well, like the other fancy cut diamonds. In this case they don't. In fact some inclusions could even be more visible. I suggest you don’t go below a VS2 clarity diamond.
  • For grading reports, it’s probably safer to stick with a GIA report.

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