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The Most Common Diamond Sizes

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1/2 carat - 3/4 carat

If you are working with a smaller budget for your ring, or want something that won’t be too heavy, check out the half - three quarters of a carat option. It's a great diamond size that looks lovely on petite hands and is cost friendly to those who want to spend some of their budget on the design/metal of the ring. If you go with a stone of this size, and would like to add something more to your design, that is always an option by making a band set with smaller diamonds (melee), adding to the total carat weight of the ring without adding too much to the cost.

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One carat

Very rarely do you see exactly 1.00ct. diamond on the scale, so really here we are talking about the range of carat weights from 1 carat up to the next popular size of 1.50 carats. Some numbers you might see when searching for 1 carat diamonds are 1.01ct. or 1.08 ct. The total carat weight of the diamond is dependent on how it is cut and polished. The price of one of these bad boys depends of course on its color, cut and clarity. A one carat diamond is a common diamond size for manufacturers and consumers alike and rare carat is the best place to find them!

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Two carat

Going up from a one carat to a two carat diamond is quite significant, in terms of cost and size, but, oh is it worth it! Solitaire rings are known to look stunning when a 2ct. stone is featured in the center and you can easily acquire a 2 carat-er in any diamond shape. To give you an idea of the difference in size, a 1 carat round diamond will usually measure around 6.4mm while a 2 carat round stone will usually measure about 8mm. Though this does not seem significant, once on your finger, it is easier to see. Just as with any other diamond, price is dictated by the 4C’s, though a 2 carat stone’s price bracket starts off higher than a 1 carat because it is heavier, in other words, there is more diamond!

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Diamonds can range from .10 ct all the way up to 10 carats (and more!!!) but the sizes that the majority go for are those that can be worn every day, that are aesthetically pleasing on the finger and that are friendly to the budget. Half a carat up to 2 carats (with all sizes and quarter sizes in between) are the most sought after diamond sizes on the market and are a great starting point to begin your search.

Check out our ring viewer to see what carat weight looks best on your hand!

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