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Part Two: Rare Carat’s Proposal Ideas

So, you’ve read our top tips for the perfect wedding proposal, and now it’s time to come up with the most magical, creative proposal idea of all time. No pressure, right?!

Now before you get too excited you will actually have to plan this yourself, as we don’t offer a service where we can tailor the perfect proposal plan for you (yet)… but what we can do is give you a few marriage proposal ideas that are sure you make this special moment absolutely unforgettable. Prepare to get hella romantic.

The Snapshot Proposal:

Not only are these types of proposals a real winner, but they are also super easy to pull off. Climbing into a photo booth and popping in a few coins doesn’t exactly seem too difficult, but the results are fantastic. The trick is to get your mini photo shoot timings right, so that you produce the ring around the time that the second or third photo is being taken - that way you catch them completely by surprise! If the photo booth seems a little passé to you, why not get a rando to take a photo of you and your loved one while you visit a favorite spot? They will never expect you to whip out a ring while an unsuspecting Japanese tourist takes a photo of you guys, right? That way you can have an authentic surprise proposal while also saving some cash on a photographer. Plus, both you and the lucky tourist have an awesome proposal story to tell (and you have the best addition ever to your wedding photo album).

Memory Lane Proposal:

Nothing screams romance quite like a little trip down memory lane. And people, this doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair here, because this type of proposal is all hinged on the sentimental. Where did you guys meet for the start of your first date? Where did you guys go/what did you do during your first date? Where did you have your first kiss? Where did you realise that you loved them for the first time? Did you guys have your first fight somewhere funny/memorable? GO BACK THERE. Reliving your first date/first kiss/first fight is a beautiful way to show them how much you love them, and how it was always them, even from date one/kiss one/fight one. I mean come ON, you cannot go wrong here!

The Destination Proposal:

Look. An engagement is a pretty fabulous thing no matter where it takes place. But oh my, a vacation proposal? Well, that’s just epic. Have you been meaning to visit a special place for years? Have they been longing for beach holiday? Why not do it in the most romantic way possible by incorporating a romantic beach proposal! It can be wherever you like; perhaps he’s always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower? Maybe she’s had her heart set on Disneyland for as long as you’ve known her? We say book that trip, however big or small, and turn it into the most memorable vacation ever by sneaking a little ring box into your luggage!! Just don’t forget to bring your passports.

The Artistic Proposal:

Were you that teenager who kept to themselves in their room writing poetry while the other kids in school drank beer behind the local Walmart? Were you that drama kid who was more comfortable singing a song from Wicked than running around a field in a pair of tiny shorts? Were you your town’s Billie Ellio? Well Baby, this is your time to shine!!! Why not put that creative talent to good use by blowing your bride/groom to-be’s miiiind with a song, a poem or a dance? Not only will you make it super unique and personal, but you will make all her/his friends sick with envy. And that’s what we call a double whammy! Just avoid falling into that friends and family ‘flash mob’ dark hole. We’ve all seen the clips. It’s been done. Move on.

The Propuzzle:

See what I did there? Word play. You’re welcome. Speaking of wordplay, maybe your fiancé-to-be/fiancée-to-be loves a good crossword or a puzzle? Maybe they are one of those folks who loves a good treasure hunt or scavenger hunt? I don’t judge. Cough. If they are the sort to enjoy such things, why not turn their proposal into a super fun activity?! You can thematically plan your hunt to reflect important junctures in your relationship, or even base it upon their favorite book or film?

The Prop-osal:

That’s right, it’s another fantastic play on words from me, another unique proposal idea for your true love! I think we are pretty much on fire today, don’t you? Don’t answer that. 

Now, when it comes to the use of props for your big moment, we would suggest less is more. We understand that you are brimming with creative ideas but you don’t want to be over complicating things, and you certainly don’t want to be distracting from the most important prop of all; that stunning diamond engagement ring.

Gifting your bride/groom to-be with their favorite book that happens to open up to reveal a diamond ring? Adorable. Making them a cup of tea with ‘Will You Marry Me?’ printed on the bottom? YAS. Hanging a ‘Marry Me’ sign around the neck of your dog or cat? I’m all over it. Including the kids in an epic proposal… complete with coordinated ‘Will You Marry Mom/Dad’ t-shirts? A thousand times yes!!! 

Making them do a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle before you get down on one knee? Hella no.

The Seasonal Proposal:

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with that scene in Miracle on 34th Street when Susan wakes up on Christmas morning to find her Mom his getting hitched to the dishy neighbor with the great hair (yes I’m talking about the 1994 version so don’t @ me). That moment when the diamond ring catches the sun and casts a light along the wall? SOLD. I desperately wanted this to happen to my family, and the fact that my parents were already married and our neighbor was an old woman named Peg did not dampen my conviction that this must happen. This magical moment has always meant that I have a soft spot for a solid Christmas engagement.

What could be more beautiful than a proposal next to the Christmas tree, or while you both take a walk through town to see the Christmas lights? Nothing. Nothing could be more beautiful. We think that a seasonal proposal is extra magical, and as long as your other half would love the gesture (and indeed that you are not stepping on the toes of any family members also planning a surprise), we GO FOR IT. Grab that mistletoe and get cracking. Just end me some photos, I beg you.

The Surprise Proposal:

It’s already stressful enough to try and come up with the most romantic proposal idea of all time… but to make sure that it is also a surprise proposal? That’s insane. We get it. And the thing is, the more you have both discussed marriage, and the more hints he/she has dropped – the more they will be on the lookout for little hints that it might be happening soon. I knew it was coming (because I mistakenly found the ring box months previously) so EVERY SINGLE TIME we went out anywhere I thought it was happening. Let me tell you something friends, my nails were never as perfect as that last month before we got engaged.

When my now-husband got around to the actual proposal and finally pulled out that ring box, it ended up being a complete surprise because he legit caught me unawares (at 7am on a Monday morning). He later told me that he chose this time specifically because he knew I would not be expecting it.

The Moral of the Story:

Sometimes the simple proposal ideas are the best, especially if they are not expecting it!! Why not offer to make breakfast one morning at home, and when they come down stairs, they find the kitchen covered in rose petals and some pancakes with ‘Will You Marry Me?’ drizzled in chocolate sauce? I would defo say yes to that.

In fact, for many people, home is actually the perfect place to get engaged, because you are surrounded by your lives together, with all the memories and love that go along with it. Now, that doesn't mean that you can just send them a text message filled with emojis while you are both binge-watching Netflix.

You don’t even have to keep it just the two of you! Why not plan a private dinner with family and best friends, and pop the question surrounded by all of your loved ones? If you think your significant other might smell a surprise with a dinner party, throw them off by suggesting a family games night! Invite some favorite people, whip out the Scrabble or the Charades and completely blow them away with a pre-planned game designed to reveal an uber creative marriage proposal! 

Just remember pals, no matter if you follow our (hilarious yet super helpful) advice or go your own way Fleetwood Mac style, the single most important thing about a marriage proposal is that it is delivered from the heart in a way that you can both look back on forever as the happiest moment of your lives.

Dr. Rian Mulcahy
Dr. Rian Mulcahy
Rian is officially a Diamond PhD - just ping us if you’d like to read her fascinating 200-page thesis, titled Facets of Value: An Investigation into the Formation of Worth in the Diamond Market. She has consulted various firms all along the pipeline, from the rough diamond market to the recycled diamond industry. She holds an MA in Globalisation and Development from University College Cork and a PhD in the Sociology of Diamond Valuation from the London School of Economics.