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Engagement Ideas: An Internally Flawless Proposal | Rare Carat

We had no idea fillies, stallions, celebrities and surprise marriage proposals had anything in common, but Rare Carat user Jeremy Jones set us straight with his inspired engagement ideas. In fact, they all align perfectly, creating one of the most inspired wedding proposals we’ve heard of in awhile.

A Perfect Proposal

We can picture it now: it was a an evening this past May in Louisville, KY at a Fillies & Stallions Derby Eve Party and where invite-only celebs, VIPs, and decked-out party goers showed up to have a roaring good time. Oh yeah, and maybe some horses were getting ready to rip up the tracks and race like their lives depended on it the next day. There may or may not have been mint juleps involved, too.

Our hero, the gallant Jeremy, has totally inspired engagement ideas and is ready to pop the question. We can just imagine ourselves right there in the room, gawking at these two love birds, and just wanting to get all up in their business to see the rockin’ engagement ring. Jeremy picked the exact perfect moment to unleash the best marriage proposal to his beloved, beautiful and unsuspecting bride-to-be, Katya Rivera. We love this story. Jeremy is super thoughtful and romantic and he’s going to give his fellow grooms a lot to live up to when it comes to orchestrating surprise proposals.

When in doubt, think back to all those most romantic moments in your relationship to conjure up the best engagement ideas. Like Jeremy, you’ll come up with the ideal and very best marriage proposal location (bonus points if it’s the type of story that you can tell your future kids about one day and not have to change details to protect innocent minds). Jeremy actually met Katya through his college roommate in Louisville, KY on the eve of a previous derby, so this party provided the perfect backdrop for popping the question.

“When we met at the Fillies & Stallions event, there was a lot going on and didn’t get to spend much quality time together,” Jeremy shared with us. “A couple of days later I flew back home and never thought I would see her again.”

Fortunately, luck was on his side. Not only did Katya and Jeremy start dating, but Jeremy returned to the scene of where they first met to ask that much anticipated question right on the red carpet. ”She had absolutely no idea what was going on and that I coordinated flying her parents in from Delaware to witness this special moment,” says Jeremy. That’s right, this engagement story is also SFP (Safe for Parents).

WOW. Doesn’t this all just make you want to cry and exchange some fist bump action all at the same time? Plus, just illicit a little jealousy over his amazing engagement ideas. Way to go, Jeremy! Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering, Katya totally said yes or this whole post would be kind of awkward.

But what about the ring? Jeremy used Rare Carat to find the ring of his beloved’s dreams. He selected an oval brilliant cut with a platinum band and this ring is SPECTACULAR. It features excellent symmetry, a fabulous polish, is colorless, and according to our new BFF Jeremy, is “internally flawless.”

Just like the ring, Jeremy’s proposal story and engagement ideas are, in fact, internally flawless. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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