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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings on Rare Carat

Inspired by one of the oldest cuts of diamonds, the cushion cut has proven to be a style that has stood the test of time. The modern-day cushion cut was created as a retelling of the “old-mine” cut which dates back to the 1700s. Old mine diamonds were, quite literally, from the old mines in Brazil and were cut to take advantage of the specific type of diamond rough found in the area.


After diamonds were discovered in South Africa and cutting technology progressed, the cushion cut was born and evolved into a 64 facet cut with strategic patterns. These patterns allow more light to flow through the stone. Not completely round and not totally square, the cushion-cut diamond has an effortless aura and is arguably one of the most brilliant of all diamond cuts. The angles of light streaming into each facet artfully obscure tiny imperfections inside the stone. Many of the world’s most famous (and largest) diamonds happen to be cushion cut, including the Hope Diamond which weighs in at 45.52 carats.

There are a few different iterations of the cushion cut which makes it one of the most versatile diamond shapes. Countless celebrities have hallmarked their love with this timeless style. If you’re inspired by romantic, vintage-style diamond rings, Jessica Biel’s might make your heart skip a beat. There is also the more modern “crushed ice" look if you want to make a statement. The cushion cut is also known for retaining its natural color better than most other diamond cuts. If you’re in the market for an enchanting pink or glamorous yellow diamond, the cushion cut will be the most desirable option.

Two cushion cut diamonds. The first shows the "chunky" facet pattern while the second shows the "crushed ice" facet pattern.

Whether you’re looking for some serious bling or understated elegance, we have some incredible examples of the best settings for your cushion cut diamond below.

Halo Setting

The cushion cut halo setting is truly iconic. Whether you’re on a budget and still want all the sparkle or looking for something bold and stylish, the halo setting will deliver. Turn heads with a double halo or keep it a fun secret with a hidden halo. Either way, this setting is guaranteed to make your cushion cut diamond stand out.

double halo cushion.png hidden halo.png

Solitaire Setting

Seemingly simple, a solitaire setting will really show off the facets that make the cushion cut famous. Let your diamond speak for itself with this classic look. For something a little more stylish, statement prongs can also make your diamond look bigger. Add a pave band if you are looking for a little more pop.


Three-Stone Setting

If you’re looking to add more than one statement, the three-stone setting is for you. Rich with symbolism, the three stones traditionally represent the past, present, and future of a relationship. It’s also known to represent friendship, love, and fidelity. Whether you’re looking to show the world your timeless commitment or just add some spread, the three-stone setting is a great way to show off your cushion-cut diamond.

three stone cushion.png three stone cushion lg.png

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