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How to get the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring? | Rare Carat

Finding the Best Band for Your Engagement Ring

Shopping for the perfect wedding band is a wedding planning to-do we don’t mind working on! Once upon a time, wedding bands were boring (or predictable, at least), but with tradition flying out the window, your wedding band options are endless. Whether you’re going big and bold or simple and sophisticated, your only trouble will be deciding between all the beautiful choices!

While, with this tossing of tradition, bands themselves are optional these days, here are two of our favorite bonuses of buying a wedding band:

Your wedding band is an opportunity to further declare your style. Have a timeless solitaire engagement ring but enjoy a little extra sparkle? Go for a blingy band! Is your engagement ring dripping in diamonds? Go solid gold with your band. 

You can wear this band as a stand alone when rocking the engagement ring isn’t ideal. Love to travel? There’s a good chance you’ll leave your ring at home when you jet-set. Your band will have a chance to shine on its own, plus absence makes the heart grow fonder - no matter how long you’ve had it, your engagement ring will seem brand-new again once you’ve been without it a while! 

Now, the basics to keep in mind when choosing the right wedding ring:

  • Make sure the metals match.
    Don’t assume that because a band is the same color as your ring, that it’s the same metal. Of course, ignore this rule if you’re intentionally going for the two-toned trend!
  • Will you wear them on the same finger?
    If you’re wearing both rings on the same finger (traditionally how it’s done), you’ll take their coordination even more heavily into account. If not, the options available are truly endless… Enjoy the choices, friend!
  • Will you wear the band on its own?
    If your band isn’t only playing a supporting role, be sure to choose a ring that’ll hold its own. If you’ll wear just the band when traveling, working out or working - that’s a ton of time. Make sure the band you choose makes your heart skip a beat even when it’s not stacked with your engagement ring.
  • Consider the shape.
    If wearing both rings together, you want your band to lay flush with your engagement ring. This will feel and look better!
  • Mind the width.
    Be mindful of the width of both rings. They don’t have to match, necessarily, just be sure you’re choosing styles that flatter one another!
  • Think of the future.
    Your wedding band choice is a chance to show your style but (as with all things wedding), try to go timeless. We want you to love your band in 50 years!

When it comes to choosing a wedding band, there really aren’t many rules you have to follow - so have fun! Use this chance to show off your style, keep in mind that you may choose to rock this band on its own and of course, make sure it’s a piece of jewelry you absolutely love. Happy shopping!

Jenny Beres
Jenny Beres
Jenny is an experienced copywriter and recovering diamond-aholic. She’s been writing for Rare Carat since 2016.