Should You Engrave an Engagement Ring? | Rare Carat

While it might be more common to engrave a wedding band, engraving an engagement ring is a beautifully unique way of literally putting your own personal stamp on a most important piece. Choosing to engrave an engagement ring gives you the opportunity to eternalize your proposal and the significance of this special day.

As a couple, the engraving can signify and represent something unique just for the two of you. Maybe it is a private joke, or your initials. You can engrave where and when you met or simply the anniversary of your engagement or wedding. Song lyrics can be a romantic gesture or a quote from a poem that speaks of your eternal love.

Be sure to know your significant other's ring size as after it is engraved, sizing the ring will very likely cause damage to the engraving. Engravings can be done on all precious metals and rings that are wide enough to engrave.

Engraving an engagement ring is creating your own family heirloom to be with you and your family forever. It adds a special touch to an already monumental day. So tell me, what would y’all engrave?

Malki Feigenbaum
Malki Feigenbaum
Malki is a graduate gemologist from GIA and has an art history degree. Aside from her fascination with stones, Malki loves fitness, the ocean and country music.