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Solitaire Oval Diamond Ring

A solitaire oval diamond ring is possibly one of the most simple and sexy designs out there. Depending on the size of diamond you choose, you can play with the number of prongs and the setting of the stone. Many set the stone North/South though recently people have been playing with directions and setting stones East/West as well!

An oval shaped diamond set in 6 prongs in a yellow gold ring

Oval diamond solitaire ring in the east/west direction yellow gold

Remember that with a solitaire your center stone is the most important piece so make sure you pick a great cut! In terms of the mounting, you can play with colored metals and the intricacy of the metal work. Twisted bands featuring an oval diamond and simple half flat / round bands have recently become popular. You can also add a milgrain design to the band or maybe have it hand engraved. The solitaire is a great choice for something timeless that never goes out of style! Dress it up with a variety of wedding bands.

Oval Diamond in a Pave Band

This sleek design leaves the center stone to shine while adding a touch of bling to your band. Here you can play with the number of melee (tiny diamonds) and their sizes to meet your style of big bling or understated. These tiny stones should not have any visible color so they will go with any color center stone!

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 6.37.04 PM.png

Classic Three Stone Oval Diamond Ring

A three stone oval diamond ring featuring three ovals is a bold and shiny statement. You will have your work cut out for you to match this tricky shape three times though! Again, because we are combining diamonds, best to pick stones that match in color, clarity and measurements to make sure the ring is as symmetrical as possible. Often times the retailer will do this for you. You can choose to have only oval stones or feature an oval in the center and mix it up with different side stones. Maybe two round diamonds or flanked by two pears.

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 6.40.36 PM.png

Halo Oval Diamond Ring

The Halo design will add some visual size to your center stone and a little bling. Usually, the halo surrounding the oval diamond is made of smaller round diamonds, which come in a range of millimeter sizes that you can pick from to make the oval stand out just that much more. No matter which color metal you prefer, the halo design with an oval is very feminine and glamorous. This ring packs a lot of sparkle and looks gorgeous with an oval center stone of any size!

oval halos.png

Whatever you choose, oval diamond rings are a trendy and fabulous choice, no matter their size or setting! Start styling your perfect oval ring on Rare Carat by chatting in live with a gemologist!

Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee
Sophie is a born diamond, gemstone and antique jewelry enthusiast. She began working with jewelry while living in Tel Aviv, earned her GIA AJP in 2020 and is currently a multimedia artist in NYC, specializing in paintings and jewelry that she produces and designs.