Diamond Huggies: A Buying Guide

Earrings help take your outfit to the next level. Whether you’re dressing it up or down, it's the perfect accessory. For a modern woman, one of the most popular earring trends is the huggie hoop earring. This guide will delve into what they are and how to choose your perfect one.

What is a huggie?

Huggie hoops range from being fairly simplistic and plain to truly dazzling designs. They are smaller than a hoop earring and fit close to the lobe so as to be “hugging” it. Hence they are named huggies. They’re a great way to wear diamonds on an everyday basis and go with every face shape type.

Huggies are generally wider than hoops, because if not, they would be difficult to spot. To help you understand better, let's explore deeper on the different sized huggies:

Small huggies (8mm to 13mm)

If you’re looking for an everyday earring that’s not over the top, small hoop huggies would be perfect. They showcase the brilliance and elegance of the diamonds without looking too extravagant on a daily basis.

Medium huggies (14 mm to 40mm)

Want to up your style with the perfect accessory? Medium huggies can be your best friend. Medium sized huggies amplify style. These can be thicker or thinner. Thicker pairs go well with formal outfits, while thinner ones seamlessly blend with your casual outfit.

Large huggies (41mm to 70mm)

This choice is for when you want to make a dazzling impression at a party or other special occasions.

Diamond Huggies Setting:

The term ‘setting’ refers to the metal that holds the diamond safe within the huggie design. Prong and channel are the most popular types of settings.

Prong, also known as the claw setting, offers a lot of security to hold the diamond in place while being budget friendly. It does so with the least amount of metal impeding on the diamond’s brilliance.

Another way for the diamond to be held is through a channel setting. Here, the diamonds are set within a groove in the metal. While this is a safe and beautiful option, the diamond’s brilliance can be diminished by being set right against the metal.

Diamond shape to Choose for Huggies:

We usually think of the most basic shapes when it comes to diamond earrings. But the truth is that there are a number of shapes you can choose from for your diamond huggie earrings. These include round, baguette, marquise, emerald or princess cuts. You should choose the shape which suits your face shape the best as they stand out more.

Diamond Clarity

You might think that a diamond’s clarity doesn't matter since it's small melee. However, by ignoring clarity, you could have your diamond huggie hoops appear dull and without sparkle. A GIA(Gemological Institute of America) clarity grading scale ranges from best to the worst in order of:

  1. FL (Flawless)
  2. IF (Internally Flawless)
  3. VVS1 &VVS2 (Very Very Slightly Included)
  4. VS1 & VS2 (Very Slightly Included)
  5. Sl1 & SI2 (Slightly Included)
  6. I1,I2 & I3 (Included)

To ensure that your huggies are shining as you want them to, it is suggested that you choose your diamonds in the SI1 and above clarity.

Diamond Carat Weight and Price:

Diamond huggies usually consist of small diamonds known as melee diamonds. Depending on the style you choose, the diamonds can also be micro pave (extremely small) or be set with larger stones.

While the diamonds’ carat total weight (CWT) is important, its size matters the most. So, the larger the diamond, the more expensive the pair becomes. For example - two pairs of earrings with the same weight can be different in price. This happens because one of them may have larger diamonds than the other.

Best Metal for Diamond Huggies:

Diamonds are highly versatile. Thus, they look good in all types of metals ranging from silver to rose gold or platinum.

Rose Gold

Rose gold creates a romantic effect with the diamonds showing off their brilliance.

White gold and Platinum

White gold and platinum have a similar look. However, white gold has a lower price point. White gold is a popular choice for diamond huggies because it is durable and compliments the brilliance of the diamonds. Being rare and pricier, platinum allows the earring to exude luxury since it is known for metal longevity.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold would give your diamond huggies a classic look since it offsets the color of diamonds. Each of the elements stands out on their own.

From small to large, silver to platinum, round to fancy, one is spoiled for choice with diamond huggies. And is an absolute must in every woman’s jewelry box.