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GIA is a fantastic website with all the gem knowledge you could ever ask for. But life is not always perfect. GIA's report check isn't either. Not the most intuitive website design out there, but it works.

Fear not! This guide exists to be a master of GIA report checks within minutes. Grab your GIA report number and let the training begin. You can start your adventure in two ways:

Choosing to click on the GIA homepage (link) -> Go to Method 1 of the guide

Choosing to the GIA report check landing page (link) -> Go to Method 2 of the guide

Checking a GIA Report Number: Method 1

Once you are on the GIA website, click on the magnifying glass on the upper right hand corner of the website.

The page should display the following text (Keyword or Report No.) on the search bar, then simply copy and paste the desired report number into the search bar and hit enter on your keyboard.

Checking a GIA Report Number: Method 2

Once you are on the GIA report check page, find the search bar in the middle of the page next to the “Look Up A Report” button. Simply copy and paste the desired report number into the search bar and hit enter on your keyboard or click the black “look-up” box.


Once GIA receives your request, you may be asked to prove that you are not a robot. Click on the box and verify your human status by clicking on some pictures. Don’t worry if you did not make it the first time, you can always retake it again (I have failed it more times than I would like to admit. You are definitely not alone if you didn't nail it the first time). After you have proved your humanity to their tech overlords and click on the red “Submit” button, you should see the grading report page.

pasted image 0.png


You can find all the important information here. If you want, you can also download the PDF version of the report by clicking on the red “Download PDF” next to the “Date of Issue”.

To check another GIA report find the “Verify Another Report” section on the right hand side. Then copy and paste the other report number into the search bar and either hit enter on the keyboard or click on the “Go” button.


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