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What do you do when you have a great experience? Share it with Google, of course! If you're not too sure where to buy from, check out these raves about our above-and-beyond approach with each and every customer. See for yourself!

When scouring the web for Rare Carat reviews, it's clear that Rare Carat has carved a niche for itself in the online diamond industry. Rare Carat reviews highlight the company's commitment to quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service, making it a destination for jewelry enthusiasts.

From skeptics to loyal customers, the Rare Carat reviews on Google speak volumes. One such review emphasizes the helpfulness of the gemologists at Rare Carat, who not only assist in navigating Rare Carat's extensive collection but also offer valuable advice on settings and styles, as echoed by many satisfied customers. As mentioned by MSN about Rare Carat, "Buying from Rare Carat is safe and secure." This sentiment is echoed by a customer who recently shared their experience with the New York Post, detailing the purchase of a staggering $2.5 million diamond from Rare Carat, reinforcing the brand's reputation for safety and reliability in high-value transactions.

Diving deeper into Rare Carat reviews, it's evident that our approach transcends the typical online shopping experience. Rare Carat reviews frequently mention how the company makes purchasing diamonds online feel secure and straightforward, a sentiment strongly resonating with those who initially doubted buying such valuable items online.

Also, the affordability factor is a recurring theme in Rare Carat reviews, with customers often expressing pleasant surprise at the significant savings they achieved without compromising on quality or design. These Rare Carat reviews, brimming with positive experiences, clearly demonstrate why the brand stands out in the digital jewelry marketplace.

Personalized and Efficient Ring Design Service

At Rare Carat, we prioritize making your ring-buying experience enjoyable and straightforward. Our responsive customer service team is here to ensure every detail, including last-minute ring size changes, is handled with ease. With the added benefit of expert gemologist opinions, you can feel confident in your diamond choice. Enjoy a quick and hassle-free process, and get ready to be mesmerized by the exceptional quality and sparkle of your diamond ring.

Rare Carat's customer service is superb says a customer

Unmatched Service and Value

We take pride in offering a personalized and efficient service, ensuring your unique preferences are met with precision. Our team, including CEO Ajay, works closely with you to customize every aspect, turning your vision into reality swiftly. Our process is designed for speed without compromising on quality, delivering exceptional, custom-designed pieces in record time. With us, expect not only top-tier diamonds and settings at unbeatable prices but also a seamless and enjoyable buying experience, setting us apart from the competition. We're here to make your significant moments even more special with a ring that's nothing short of perfect.

CEO help customers

Where Dreams Meet Reality

We turn your dream ring into a reality, even when others say it can't be done. Our team, including the exceptional Courtney and Natalie, is dedicated to understanding and fulfilling your unique vision. We prioritize quality and precision, ensuring every detail of your ring, from the channel-set princess cuts to the heart-shaped centerpiece, is crafted to perfection. Our process might take a little extra time, but it's all to guarantee the ring is exactly as you envisioned. With competitive pricing and unmatched service, we're here to create not just a ring but a cherished symbol of your love. And the ultimate reward for us is the joy and affirmation of a heartfelt 'yes' from your fiancée.

Rare Carat's Commitment to Crafting Your Ideal Engagement Ring

Rare Carat's Exceptional Upgrade Experience

Choosing Rare Carat for your engagement ring upgrade means selecting a path of quality and excellence. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and high-caliber lab-created diamonds ensures that your desire for something bigger and better is not just met but surpassed. Every step, from detailed research assistance to the professional and secure delivery of your stunning new diamond, is handled with utmost care. We're dedicated to making your upgrade experience as beautiful as the memories attached to your ring. With us, you're not just purchasing a diamond; you're revitalizing a treasured symbol of love with modern elegance and sophistication.

Rare Carat's Exceptional Upgrade Experience

Here are some carefully selected testimonials:

I bought the diamond from Rare Carat. I was a little skeptical of buying a diamond online at first but rare carat made sure I had a great shopping experience. The gemologist was very helpful in sorting out the vast selection of options and even recommended a type of setting that would match the diamond I bought. I am very happy with my purchase.

Google Review for Rare Carat

Bought our custom engagement ring from Rare Carat and Daniel William. The ring came out PERFECT and about $2k cheaper than the same ring from another jeweler. Couldn’t be happier!!

Google Review for Rare Carat

We were skeptical about completely ordering a diamond online, but we couldn’t be any happier with the results! We decided to go with a lab diamond and they had an amazing selection. There are more diamonds and settings than any other site out there as well as better prices! The setting I was nervous about because it wasn’t a real-life picture of it, but it turned out waaaay prettier in person! We brought it to a local jeweler for an appraisal and it appraised for twice what we paid! I get compliments all the time! Don’t second guess this source!

Google Review for Rare Carat

Amazing service! The people working here were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I set up the appointment via phone with one of the owners and she gave me detailed instructions on how to get there. The appointment itself was easy and their work appraising my diamonds was very thorough. The appointment did not take very long and I left very satisfied. 10/10, definitely recommend.

Google Review for Rare Carat

I recommend Rare Carat to everyone, of any budget, as the one and only place to shop for an engagement ring. I looked for a few months at dozens and dozens of options online. Some confusing, some actually ridiculous. I got a very menial education along the way that actually led me to check Rare Carat out. Having the gemologists pop up fairly early on made me think Oh great, here we go, but I gave it a minute and they won me over right away. It was obvious the goal was to guide me to where I should be searching and provide me with helpful information once I was there. I went from months of aimless head scratching, to selecting the stone, setting, and making the purchase in less than 24 hrs after landing here. I received the ring several hours ago and it's gorgeous!! The price seemed too good to be true a few weeks ago, but it's very real!! Thank you so Much!!🙏🏻

Google Review for Rare Carat

The best experience I've had shopping online. Ordered a stone and band for my girlfriend, was able to have the stone reviewed by the gemologist and hear her insite. It made the process so much easier for a beginner. The ring is beautiful and my now fiance gets tons of compliments on it daily.

Google Review for Rare Carat

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