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How to Pay for Your Engagement Ring

Here we will give you the lowdown on all the different payment options available to get that stunning new ring on your love's finger.

After all of the searching, research, and help from our awesome Gemologist team you have finally reached the end and found your perfect engagement ring! As it sits in your cart awaiting to be delivered to its forever finger, excitement rushes over you...the time has finally come!

The last thing you should worry about is what type of payment method you'll use. There are so many different payment and financing options available and we are here to break them down for you one by one. Let's get started!

Credit Card

All major credit cards are accepted, and this is the most common purchase method by far across all online engagement ring shoppers.

Cash/Bank Wire

Cash is always a great option, especially for a larger purchase, but not everyone has that kind of dough sitting around waiting to be spent on a ring. Did you know the average engagement ring costs around $6,000 according to Rare Carat's data on American engagement ring shoppers? If you did save up long enough, that's awesome and a well deserved 'Paid in Full' price break is in order for you! Most of our retailers offer a wire transfer option that saves you some money - essentially they save on the credit card processing fees and that savings gets passed on to you. Just click on the 'wire transfer' option at checkout to get started (wire instructions will be emailed to you once the diamond has been secured by the retailer). We have an orders team on standby for any and all questions pertaining to your order and the checkout process. 

Affirm Credit - Available through Rare Carat Checkout for all retailers

Another credit option available to you is Affirm - their “buy now, pay later” later model is helpful in knowing exactly what you’ll pay each month with no surprises or fees of any kind (not even late fees). It’s super simple to use. One caveat, they will only finance purchases up to $17,000.

To get prequalified, you can click on the 'Pay Later with Affirm' button from your checkout page or set up an account directly on Affirm's site HERE.

Step One: Pick the diamond and setting you like and hit the Affirm button at checkout.
Step two: Choose how to pay. Select the payment schedule that works for you, then confirm your loan. No hidden fees will ever be charged.
Step three: Make easy monthly payments. They will even send you reminder emails and texts so you never miss a payment.

Karly Bulinski
Karly is one of Rare Carat's GIA Graduate Gemologists, or as we like to call them "Rockstars". She loves her family, dogs, being outside, hiking camping and volleyball.