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Canary Yellow Diamond Rings

If you are wondering what a canary yellow diamond is, then you have most likely already heard about its reputation as one of the most sought after yellow diamond colors. And this buzz is absolutely true! What is this coveted yellow diamond really though? And what does a yellow engagement ring mean anyways? Plus, who are some of our favorite celebrities that have rocked this beaut of a stone?! These are the commonly asked questions we cover here today in our discussion of canary yellow diamonds!

A cute yellow baby chick

What is a Canary Yellow Diamond

In general, most diamonds have a light yellow or a brown tint that often isn’t even noticeable, and definitely not strong enough to be considered a “fancy colored diamond.” These are categorized as our colorless diamonds. Colorless diamonds are our standard diamond and are graded within the normal color scale. Fancy colored diamonds, however, have enough color and saturation to move them out of the normal colorless range and into the world of rarer, higher priced, exotic looking diamonds.

The name canary yellow, in short, is just a trade term. The label “canary yellow” represents a fancy yellow diamond that has fantastic tone and saturation, similar to the yellow canary bird (you couldn’t have guessed, I know). Unfortunately, and this the thing with most trade terms, you won’t get a report from a diamond grading lab with the specific trade term on it because labs rarely use trade terminology. A diamond lab will grade based on scales, standards, and other scientific factors, so you will get an official color name instead of a trade term name, which is way less fun. For instance - Fancy Intense Yellow (boring!) would be used as an official color call.

Truly, the major reason canary yellow diamonds are in such high demand is that this color represents the best, fullest, most saturated color of yellow, which can be extremely captivating to look at. The natural beauty creates desire - which ultimately drives the price up. Furthermore, yellow diamonds of any color are rare, but to be of this level of saturation especially, it is much less common. This is why canary yellow diamonds are known to be more valuable than others. (high demand + low existence = high prices)

What does a Yellow Engagement Ring Mean

The color yellow symbolizes many things in life. It represents cheerfulness, happiness, endless optimism, and the promise of a positive future. We associate yellow with vitality, warmth, and of course - sunshine. Do yellow engagement rings embody these preconceived connotations? Sure, why not?! Especially if you want them to! I think it adds an element of romance if these are reasons you want to choose a yellow diamond, but the ring is just as beautiful and meaningful if you choose it simply because you find it pretty.

Celebs with Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

There have been quite a few famous people that have received canary yellow diamond engagement rings over the last couple of decades. This list includes (but definitely not limited to) Nicki Minaj, Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton, Iggy Azalea, Carrie Underwood, Megan Fox, and the goddess JLo herself. I’m sure there are a few more on the list but what good company to keep (amiright??). I should also mention that some of these celebrities may have had a few engagement rings and also may or may not currently own/wear the yellow diamond rings.

And that pretty much covers the commonly asked questions about canary yellow diamond engagement rings! We now know what a canary yellow diamond is and why it is so special, what a yellow ring means in general, and we even threw in some fun celebrity shoutouts for being uniquely awesome. If you are into yellow diamonds, canary yellow is most definitely an optimal color variety to go on the hunt for!

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