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Where To Buy Diamonds?

Rare carat

Could it be that you have already found the perfect place to buy your diamond? Rare Carat is an amazing resource for diamond education and is a great database of live stones ready for you to purchase loose or put into your favorite design. Using the website’s artificial intelligence and your preferences, stones from reputable sources become available for you to see in pictures and videos all from the comfort of your home! In terms of simplicity, rare carat is a fantastic way to simplify the purchasing process and there are tens of thousands of stones to choose from, all on your computer screen! You'll also have the convenience of our live graduate gemologists to help with any questions or pick out an awesome diamond for you! Start your search HERE.

Diamond District

If you live near a big city, most have a diamond district that is full of offices which in turn are full of diamonds. If you can make a trip there to see the stones in person, it is a great way to see the diamond inventory for yourself. If not, there are surely a few large companies in your local diamond district that are also present online and will gladly pick a few stones to show you. This can be done by sending emails of certifications with HD images or scheduling for you to come see a few good options in person.


Jewelry stores and designers also have access to loose diamonds and may be able to make your search for one that much easier. If you or someone you know has a designer friend, you can always speak to them and they may have stones in their inventory or can use their trusted sources to bring you a beautiful stone to take a look at. They usually have industry knowledge and are good support along your diamond journey. They may have ideas or personal connections and can help you design your ring after the diamond is purchased!

Ultimately where you choose to buy your diamond will be dependent on who has a stone you love and what the price tag is. Diamonds, as you know, vary in terms of cut, color, clarity, carat weight, also in terms of cost. Some stones that look very similar may be listed for very different prices, a reminder to choose where you buy carefully. Make sure that wherever you are buying from provides you with a certificate for your stone and that you are able to communicate well should any issues arise, and maybe you can even hammer out a deal and get a few percent knocked off your final price!

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