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2018 Proposal Trends

When it comes down to asking the love of your life to marry you - especially in a social media obsessed world - the pressure is ON.

Of course, what matters the most is that the proposal is meaningful, original and speaks to your relationship and who your partner really is. That alone is a tall order, especially when every proposal idea you see online feels done to death.

Why not take the moment just a little over the top? We don’t necessarily mean jumping out of a hot air balloon with a ring (please don’t do that) but creating an unforgettable moment in a way you’re sure your partner hasn’t seen before.

So far, 2018 has been a spectacular year for OTT (over the top) proposal ideas and if you’re itching for an idea that doesn’t feel stale, but yet still holds onto the tradition of romance, this year has you covered.

Without further ado here are some of our favorite over the top proposal ideas of the year.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

When we think beautiful sandy beaches and deep blue waves, we’re usually thinking post-wedding honeymoon vibes. But when it comes to planning a proposal that takes your partner’s breath away underwater proposals are the way to go.

And Hilton Hotels have got you seriously covered.

At Hilton Hawaiian Village, you can take a high-tech submarine to get the best views under the sea, including a diver who will swim up to the widow with a “Will You Marry Me?” sign at just the right moment (I wonder how you apply for that job?).

Meanwhile at the Hilton Barbados Resort, they actually have a Butler Program, which of course includes training to handle an underwater proposal in one of the island’s landmark shipwrecks. We don’t know about you, but having a Personal Butler plan outrageous events for us is something we could get used to really fast.

We’ll Toast to That

If you want to include a little tradition and history into your proposal, then proposing to your love at The Jefferson, in Washington D.C. may just be your cup of tea… or should we say Madeira.

Not only is it a down-right gorgeous hotel with to-die for suites, but you know that Madeira? It’s a wine that was popular back in the 1700’s - that you can still propose with today. For an extra does of authenticity, you can select a glass of the 1720 Borges Madeira to pop question with. That’s a 296 year old wine! Talk about getting old together.

And it was around when Thomas Jefferson was actually alive.

Nothing like a dash of American for your own historic proposal.


Why not have your 15-minutes of fame? After all, this is a love worth bragging about.

If you’ve ever secretly (or maybe not so secretly) wanted flawless in the moment photos of you and your love,  then this 2018 proposal trend is perfect.

One of the biggest trends this year is Hidden Proposal Photography.

Hidden Proposal photography is like  having your own personal paparazzi for the day, except way less intrusive. In fact, you won’t even notice they’re there.

From the moment the evening begins, they’re taking photos documenting the entire event so you always have these gorgeous photos to look back on. Photos that are 100% in the moment and natural while still being professional. In other words, if you go out and book this OTT proposal, you can kiss those awkward-after-engagement selfies goodbye --unless you want those too, because why not?

This proposal trend will make you and your significant other feel like bonafide celebs...if only for the day.

When it comes to planning an unforgettable proposal:

Remember that the moment itself is already going to pack a huge emotional punch and be truly unforgettable all on it’s own. So when  considering all the extra trimmings, trips, or things to do -- just remember to consider what experience both you and your partner are truly going to enjoy.

It’s also important to consider how private or public you want your proposal to be, because if you’re wanting a super intimate between-you-two moment - going under the sea or up in a plane isn’t going to be your best bet.

Whether you go over the top or keep it low-key, no matter what you plan the proposal will be truly unforgettable, all it takes is the one you love, a place you’ll both love, and of course a killer ring.

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