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Engagement Ring Etiquette: How not to be obnoxious once you get engaged | Rare Carat

That Annoying Bride-to-Be (Not You)

Okay so we’re not all “down with love” or anything cynical like that. We LOVE love, obviously, or we wouldn’t be in the business of hooking you up with super sweet deals on diamonds.

But let’s real talk for just a second. We all know that one couple who becomes totally obnoxious once they become engaged. The one couple who becomes the instant eye-roll of social media to their friends and family.

Before you judge too hard, remember it’s all too easy to become that person. Excitement and emotions run high - and dealing with family and friends is already a tall order even when an engagement is not in the picture.

Since we have your best interests at heart and don’t want you to become that person, before you post another #ido or #blessed photo on Instagram, check out our super simple guide to not becoming that obnoxious engaged person on social media and avoid alienating the people you love the most.

Share in order of importance

When it comes to sharing this huge news, you’re probably busting at the seams to tell your engagement story to anybody and everybody who’ll listen.

And you definitely should share this great news - however, to avoid getting into sticky situations and hurt feelings, once you are engaged be sure you inform the most important people in your life first. Before you take to social media.

There’s nothing worse than finding out from your best friend that she’s engaged along with every other Internet stranger on Instagram.

Whoever these most important people are for you: parents, children, grandparents, BFF’s, the people who are your heart and soul -- be sure to tell them the joyous news in a personal way so they feel included in this new big step in your life. If you want them to be included in the planning process, or be part of your special day, letting them know now that you’ll want them to play a big part in your wedding will help them feel involved right out of the gate.

Once your VIP people are in the know, now you’re in the clear to share the good news with your coworkers, casual friends, and social media accounts.

Speaking of social media

It’s totally the norm for us to share the big news on social media, especially on Instagram -- but before you flash that bling for all your followers, remember these few little tips so you won’t be pushing your friends to hit that unfollow button.

The most important thing about announcing your engagement on social media, is making sure the post is about you and your significant other… not you and your new bling. Now hear us out, because we obviously love the bling, but there’s nothing more annoying than scrolling through your feed and seeing a ring selfie with basically no mention of the wonderful person who GAVE it to you and what it means. Yikes!

So yes, absolutely share your engagement with all the social media world, even hashtag it, but make sure that you and your significant other are the main attraction - and the ring is just an aside.

After all, anyone can just go out and buy themselves a piece of jewelry. People do that everyday. What’s actually newsworthy here, is not the diamond. It’s the commitment and declaration of love.


You are 100% wonderful and deserve every bit of love and happiness of a newly engaged couple and definitely should not be shy about celebrating that -- but a good way to annoy every single person in your life is to relate everything back to your wedding, engagement, or significant other.

Remember, everyone is the focal point of their own lives. Nobody cares about what’s going on in your life more than they care about what’s going on in their own.

And while your engagement is the center of your universe right now - it’s not the center of everyone else’s -- and nor should it be expected to be.

Other people have their own excitement, challenges, and celebrations and only posting and interacting on social media about your wedding and engagement is a surefire way to lose touch with friends. Being engaged is wonderful, but it’s not an excuse to bail on what it means to be a good friend.

The plus side? Not only will you remain balanced with your friendships intact throughout the wedding and engagement process, but when you do have important and exciting details to share about your wedding, your friends will actually listen.

Simply put - just be the thoughtful, considerate human you were before the engagement.

When it comes to sharing

The new relationship status and beautiful new bling, of course your friends and fam are gonna want to know all about it, just be sure that you aren’t over sharing and forgetting how to be a friend (in person or social media) #nothanks.

There’s a very fine line between shouting your joy from the rooftops because you’re so excited and shouting over people just to be heard… over and over again.

Jenny Beres
Jenny Beres
Jenny is an experienced copywriter and recovering diamond-aholic. She’s been writing for Rare Carat since 2016.