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How To Get A Cost Effective Engagement Ring Tips! | Rare Carat

Look, we feel you.

For the life of us, we’ll never fully understand how a marketing campaign spit-shined by the DeBeers machine in the 1930s could have lasted this long. We don’t even remember last year’s Super Bowl commercials (was there a Budweiser puppy?) So how can a sparkly rock that isn’t particularly rare  cost the equivalent of a down payment on a home or at least a nice chunk of student debt?

It’s not you being cheap. You just honest-to-heavens don’t understand how to afford an engagement ring that costs as much as a car and not go into financial distress. You’re not exactly the Duke of Cambridge here, but you’re willing to try. But there has to be a way that doesn’t require financial suffering. Besides, selling a few kidneys on the red market sounds painful- and you’d like to enter old age with all of your organs.

The good news - there are other less traumatic ways to get your lady in waiting the ring she wants. And the truth is, even if it’s not the focal point of your conversations, your bride- to- be respects the hell out fiscal responsibility.

Luckily, we have a few tricks up our proverbial sleeve to help get your blushing bride the diamond ring she wants and help you save more than just a few bucks.

Shop Online

OK, so call us biased. But there IS a reason we got into this business, you know. For some touching it before they buy is everything. But this means paying part of someone’s overhead, taxes and utility bills.

But if you’d like to save money you’re in luck. Shopping online for diamonds has never been easier, safer, and more expected. Experienced online retailers are becoming go to hot spots for the “more diamonds for less money” experience - and our tools over at Rare Carat take it even one step further - helping you compare the best of these diamond deals online, so you get the loveliest stone for the loveliest price on the Internet (and therefore the world).

Go Down in Diamond Size

We don’t mean “downgrading” her from her 1 carat dream to a half carat stone. We mean something much more specific.

You suckers out there who are looking for a 1 carat, or 1.5, or 2 carat diamond are searching for that exact number - and getting ripped off in the process. Nobody (not even your girl) can tell the difference between a .97 carat stone and a full 1 carat. You’d need a microscope to see the difference - but because these nice, round numbers are in hot demand - you get the privilege of paying thousands of dollars more for a size difference you can’t even see.

Save yourself a nice wad of cash and shave a bit off the desired “round numbered” size and get her the stone she wants without the bandwagon price.

Sort Out the Setting

It’s important to ask this question - so just ask her. What kind of setting does she like? In our opinion, there are two different kind of fiancés-to-be. The ones who care about the diamond and the ones who care about the setting.

What’s the difference?

If your partner is a setting kind of person you can save a whole cash and get an intricate setting, opting out on a large stone. A detailed setting automatically makes the ring look bigger (if that’s a concern) because it’s “busier” and covers more finger in general.

If your girl doesn’t care that much about the setting and just wants the rock you can save some money you would have poured into a fancy setting (thinking she wanted both) and save that cash for the diamond.

If she wants the rock and the intricate setting - you’ll be doing a lot of hunting to save that dough.

Does it Have to be Diamond?

We don’t know, does it?

We think the answer is no. But that’s just us and some people insist on traditions, meaning they insist on diamonds. And some people just like what they like and what they like happens to be diamonds with a capital D.

But here’s why we ask.

A lot of girls fall in love with a certain “style” of ring (see setting explanation above) and may not be as concerned with the stone itself - if it still portrays the overall look they’re going for. If you’re really tight on a budget and even a few thousand bucks makes you want to cry, you may want to see if she likes other precious, semi-precious or man made gemstones.

Sapphires are a gorgeous choice (they also come in white, pink and blue) and next to diamonds are the hardest stone most durable stone. Other popular choices are morganite (baby pink, looks great in rose gold) rubies and emeralds.

Remember that gemstones are graded on qualities like color saturation, so if you happen to like a light blue sapphire instead of a royal looking stunner - you’ll save money there too.

Is her heart set on a sparkly white stone - but you both have reservations on spending money? Lab diamonds are a great option. They're chemically and crystalographically the same as natural diamonds at a fraction of the price.

WARNING: Always, always check with your significant other first. Regardless of how you feel about traditions, they do exist and to some people are extremely meaningful.

You Can Do It!

Whether it’s sapphire or vintage, a gorgeous diamond found online, or an intricate setting with a modest stone, you can absolutely pop the question with a ring she wants.

Ready to get started shopping for the diamond of both your girl and budget’s dream? Watson is ready to help here.

Jenny Beres
Jenny Beres
Jenny is an experienced copywriter and recovering diamond-aholic. She’s been writing for Rare Carat since 2016.