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Film Inspired Engagement Rings

Storytelling is extremely important for humans. Stories tell us where treasure can be found. Where that crazy bear lives. On a more nuanced level, stories can encourage us to be our best selves as we try to emulate protagonists and heroes that we see projected on the silver screen. Thus, it makes sense that some would want to reference such characters and symbols that are found in the movies in their engagement rings.

The primary design challenge when creating an engagement ring that references a specific film, or series of films, is that a ring is a very small canvas upon which to work. Designers have very limited space to use on which to make that precise connection without any kind of verbal prompts. As such, it simply can’t be done for most movies.

When incorporating film references onto engagement rings, there are three highly specific primary visual cues that can be helpful when making the necessary references: a short phrase spelled out, an identifiable symbol, or a highly specific design pattern. These three cues are best developed in movies that build their own worlds and develop trademark themes i.e., fantasy or animated movies. Here are a few films and film series which are successfully referenced in popular engagement ring designs.

Disney – Everybody loves Disney princesses, and you will find a multitude of different engagement rings that are officially sanctioned by the company on the market. The iconography for each of the individual princesses is distinctive and the use of the symbol-referencing technique can be applied: Belle’s rings incorporate roses, Ariel’s have sea-themes, and, of course, there are snowflakes for the Frozen heroines. Interestingly, there are also rings that feature symbols linking them to villains such as Maleficent and Cruella de Vil. You might not expect the “bad guys” to be referenced in engagement rings, but, Disney has made a strong effort in recent years to humanize their antagonists by highlighting their struggles. Alternatively, it can be fun to be the bad guy!

Harry Potter – Few film series have as dedicated a following as Harry Potter. Fortunately, there is a lot of symbology there to work with. Images like the Golden Snitch and the Deathly Hallows are a designer’s dream and can be effectively used even for the tiniest of rings. Also, there are the recognizable color schemes associated with the different houses of Hogwarts which people can wear to reflect their personalities!

Star Wars – Similar to Harry Potter, Star Wars films have a cult-like fan base. Again, there is an abundance of identifiable visual themes which can be used in jewelry. Patterns referencing droids, stormtroopers, or even individual characters like Yoda can be presented on rings. Some proudly wear rings inscribed with the Jedi Code – “May the Force be with you!”

Tolkien – All three films comprising the Lord of the Rings trilogy are among the top-grossing movies of the 2000s. These films, along with the subsequent Hobbit trilogy, permit designers to use both the visual design motif method as well as phrasing for engagement rings. For the first option, jewelry designers can adopt the unique interwoven vine design used in elven architecture and dress. It is so recognizable that, even when employed on the small scale of a ring, people recognize the LOTR “elven” pattern. Secondly, one can’t talk about Lord of the Rings without addressing the message written on the actual One Ring. This message, written in a fictional language, is just as conspicuous as the elven patterns are and there are many bands on the market which feature this text.

Anime – Anime is a global phenomenon with a massive fan base stretching across the globe. Characters are typically drawn using simple, broad strokes. This translates well when applied to engagement rings because the simplicity, yet specificity, is easy to be represented.

Comics – Content stemming from comic books is tremendously popular. Comics, even in their original printed format, are a visual storytelling technique. As such, there is an abundance of related symbology for you to use on your engagement ring. From Superman’s “S”, to Captain America’s shield, to Iron Man’s helmet, to Wonder Woman’s “W”, there is an endless supply of recognizable symbols for every kind of personality!

A final note, no article addressing visual motifs on rings would be complete without taking a moment to examine the advances made in silicone technology. Silicone is a convenient and affordable option perfect for highly active individuals. It is both durable and flexible. Rings can be made with highly detailed images printed in a wide range of colors. Companies can produce rings with incredibly high resolution which can be used to depict entire cinematic scenes. As such, you can fit a lot of personality on the surface of your forever ring!

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