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Shipping to Canada

A warm hello to our neighbors from across the border ?? We’re down to visit, but only between June and July.

If you’re new to us – we’re a search engine that helps you search across jewelers, who are mainly US-based. (We don’t sell diamonds ourselves.)

Why do we do it? Transparent competition allows you to get the best value for your buck, eh.

The good news is that most of our diamond retailers will definitely ship from the US to Canada. Hundreds from the Great White North have bought from our retailers.

Two questions that often come up:

1.    Why can’t I see prices in CAD?

Each retailer has their own exchange rate and may change over time. The prices you see displayed are in USD - you’d have to check with each retailer on what their rate is.

2.    Do I have to pay customs, duties etc.?

As far as we know, jewelry and precious stones imported to Canada from the US aren’t subject to duties due to trade agreements.

However, please check this with your retailer before you buy! Some might be shipping from outside the US, or know something we don’t.

3.    How do I know which retailers ship to Canada?

Scroll down to ‘Retailer Features’ on search - there’s a filter for ‘Ships to Canada’

4.    Anything else I should know?

You need to check out on the retailer’s website for shipping to canada - checkout’s on do not work for international shipping at this time unfortunately.

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