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7 Tips to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger | Rare Carat

Bigger is (Sometimes) Better (For You)

We aren’t shallow. We’re realists so while we could tell you it’s the thought that counts, bigger doesn’t always mean better, or you shouldn’t care what the carat weight is...that’s not what you want to hear. And certainly not what you popped into Google when this blog surfaced.

Sometimes, we just want our center stone to look larger than life, especially since it seems to shrink the longer we wear it. Without further ado, here are our favorite seven ways to get the biggest “crunch” for your carat.

A side of pavé please

Larger side-stones can and (do) bury your center diamond, making the main attraction look smaller, and dare we say, blend in with the rest of ring?

Instead of traditional side stones, opt for glimmering pavé.

Pavé diamonds sparkle like no other, and the kind of sparkle they offer enhances your diamond, without competing with it, thanks to their ultra-tiny size.

This counts for the ever-popular halo setting as well. Tiny pavé, or even round smaller diamonds outlining your center stone, will give any engagement ring the optical illusion of a big diamond.

Ultra slim bands

We’re hard pressed to think of an engagement ring trend jewelers hate more. From their perspective, an ultra-thin metal band doesn't offer the same “heirloom” durability as thicker, more substantial rings. And it makes them nervous watching you walk out of their shop with a ring no wider than a rubber band.

OK, we warned you. Now for the good part.

While the band may not last long enough for your great granddaughter to enjoy, it certainly will do the trick when beefing up the overall look of your diamond. The diameter of a super thin band, when compared to the diameter of a diamond - will always make the stone look bigger.

Tone down the nail polish.

Bright colors like reds, hot pinks, and other loud hues compete with your diamond for attention - and they always win. Which means the louder your nails, the smaller your diamond.

Soft, neutral colors enhance the overall size of your stone, and allow it’s natural fire and brilliance to take center stage.

Need some diamond-enhancing mani ideas? The [beauty editors at PopSugar know how to make a diamond pop.

Stop biting your nails

There are 101 reasons to stop biting your nails. It’s terrible for your nail bed, makes you sick more frequently, and screws up your teeth.

But perhaps the most motivating reason to quit biting your nails is that it’s shrinking your bling!

The shorter and more ragged the nail, the smaller the diamond will look - unless of course, you have one of those golf ball size whoppers - then feel free to chew away.

Longer nails accentuate the size of your diamond because they lengthen the overall appearance of your hand, which automatically makes the diamond look bigger.

(Need some motivation to quit chewing on your nails? If this list from our friends at Buzzfeed doesn’t scare you into quitting, we don’t know what will).

White metals

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s diamond is the biggest of them all?

Yours, of course, especially if you place that rock in a shiny, white metal setting like platinum or white gold.

Fellow diamond enthusiasts at Who What Wear talk about the coveted “mirror” effect. The white metal acts like a mirror, so the diamond reflects off of it -  and onto everyone else’s eyes as a much bigger stone.

Stop Wearing It

Yep, you read that right. Stop wearing it. (Yes, you’ll be fine.)

Perspective is everything, and we tend to take for granted (and even criticize) what’s right in front of us, every single day.

The wise gals of the Weddingbee, frequently give each other the sage advice to practice wearing their engagement ring every other day instead of daily.

This breaks up the monotony of seeing the same stone everyday, and helps to maintain an accurate perspective on just how lovely (and perfect) your stone already is.

Crunch the data

Still wishing you had a 2 carat (or bigger) rock to weigh down your hand?

Like we mentioned before, we’re realists. So we’re also going to tell you when it’s time to knock off whining, comparing, and worrying about the size of your stone.

Get off social media and look at real numbers, backed up by real data - and you’ll get a better idea of what a “normal” sized diamond looks like. There's nothing like perspective to make your ring look bigger.

Because we want you to be happy, we crunched the data for you.

First, there are trends, but there’s certainly no “normal.” And pulling ahead, even in the age of Pinterest, Wedding Wars, and Instagram is the classic 1 carat diamond.

Despite what your social accounts tell you, the traditional 1 carat sparkler is still admired by the entire country, and is a stone most women of the world will never get their hands on.

Your rock is gorgeous, darling. At any size.

Jenny Beres
Jenny Beres
Jenny is an experienced copywriter and recovering diamond-aholic. She’s been writing for Rare Carat since 2016.