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2021’s Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Ring Trends

As we near the end of 2021, heading straight for the new year, a good annual wrap up always feels timely! For better or worse, we have made it through another day, another year, and another trend. So, for validity (and for fun), I have consulted a few of my fellow gemologist friends to bring you the most authentic list of engagement ring trends of 2021! Together we have tackled the dos and don’ts of this past year so that you, my favorite internet friend, can be the most fashionably chic person that you choose to be!


  • Antique Diamond Cuts: Vintage diamond cuts, specifically the old European and the rose cut, are steadily gaining traction. These were some of our first brilliant diamond cuts (once we figured out how to actually cut a diamond), which gives them this warm and enduring yet simplistic aesthetic feel.

  • Colored Gemstones: We are definitely starting to see more and more people choose a stone for their engagement ring that is not a traditional white diamond. Sapphires and emeralds are easily the top two alternative stones currently, and both would be beautiful options for a stunningly unconventional ring.

  • Elongated Shapes: This can include emerald, oval, radiant, elongated cushion, etc.- with the huge benefit being that these shapes take up more finger real estate than others. For us this means a diamond of this shape will appear larger for less money, which is always a big win!

  • Lab Grown Diamonds: This one is completely personal preference, but we are seeing a vast uptick in lab grown diamond sales- possibly because the quality of these stones has become pretty fantastic, or maybe just because of they are more affordable than natural diamonds. Either way, this is a solid option for a natural diamond alternative.

  • Solitaire Stones: Solitaire diamond engagement rings, with or without a pave band, are popular right now because people are opting to get more creative with their wedding band ring stack (which is the trio of engagement ring, wedding band, and eventually the anniversary band). Having a simple yet elegant ring will allow more flare for other important bands without being totally overwhelming.

  • White Metals: We are talking platinum, white gold, sterling silver… whatever you love most! Each of these white metals will have their own subtle but specific white and/or silver coloring to them so be sure to check out your options!

  • Yellow Gold: The use of yellow gold has always been a classic, but the popularity of this bright and cheery elegant metal is quickly on the rise once again.


  • Diamond Simulants: Because the popularity of lab grown diamonds is on the climb, giving us the same hardness and sparkle as a natural diamond, diamond simulants are slipping down the charts. These are stones that only look similar to a diamond, like a synthetic moissanite or a YAG, but do not possess those same benefits that a real diamond has.

  • Pearl Ring: While the thought of a pearl engagement ring sounds romantic, the reality is that pearls are way too soft to be practical as a ring intended to be worn every day. Eventually, after enough love and time on the ring, the pearl will need to be replaced.

  • Super Thick Bands: Thick, chunky, and split bands are becoming outdated in the engagement ring world. People are opting for thinner, more dainty bands that showcase the gem as the true beaut that it is.

There you have it! 2021’s dos and don’ts of engagement ring trends! Listen though, ultimately whatever makes you happy in a ring is what you should go for, regardless of the trend. Don’t be afraid to be uniquely you because that is truly the most beautiful of all.

Breean Mokede
Educated as an earth scientist, trained as a graduate gemologist, soul of an artist, lover of all things beautiful, and here to be your personal gemstone guru.