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Rare Carat at NASSCOM!

NASSCOM is the convening body for the 154 billion dollar Indian IT industry - so when we got an invitation to speak alongside top execs from Google, Microsoft, Vodafone, and Target, we were honored.

The conference organizers had asked us to speak about our work with IBM in building Rocky on Watson, and specifically how we were using NLP to aid customers buying engagement rings. We shared both our rationale for heading down the path of building a bot, and the lessons we learned through the process that could be useful for other companies exploring engaging customers with AI.

The title and description for our session were: 

Diamonds are forever but Customers are not

"This session will have our first disruptor case study on how a start-up has built customer connections using AI. Hear the outcome and challenges of using Conversational UI and what is the future of customer experience in times to come."

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