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Rare Carat interviewed on Sirius XM Radio

Rare Carat founder Ajay Anand interviewed along with Allbirds founder on Sirius XM Radio's Launch Pad show on October 25, 2017. The interview can be found here.

Have a great idea for a new product? Starting a business for the first time? Learn the ins and outs of raising the money you need and making the connections that count. Broadcasting from Wharton’s San Francisco, in the heart of the venture capital world, hosts Professor Karl Ulrich and Rob Coneybeer, both successful entrepreneurs, will share their secrets and interview the best in the business.

Launch Pad is also available on Soundcloud and iTunes!


Karl Ulrich
Karl Ulrich

Professor Karl Ulrich, Wharton's Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, holds more than 20 patents for medical devices, tools, food products, sporting goods, and more. Ulrich’s expertise is in innovation, entrepreneurship, and product development. He is the co-founder of the Weiss Tech House and the Integrated Design Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Ulrich’s Xootr scooter was recognized by BusinessWeek as one of the coolest products of the 21st Century.

Rob Coneybeer
Rob Coneybeer

Rob Coneybeer is a managing director and co-founder of Shasta Ventures, an early-stage venture fund in Silicon Valley. He started his career as an aerospace engineer and automotive engine tester before earning his Wharton MBA. Now Coneybeer works with entrepreneurs who are creating disruptive new approaches to mobile and networked devices, as well as technology applications that leverage novel infrastructure technologies in creative ways. His current companies include Nest, Mocana, and Relay Rides.

Rare Carat
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