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Ajay, CEO of Rare Carat here.

I want to inform you about a potential issue that may affect customers of Enchanted Diamonds.

Wednesday night, June 12th, we started to hear from customers of Enchanted Diamonds, a retailer based in New York. They were concerned because this retailer’s phone was disconnected. Since then, several more Enchanted Diamonds customers have reached out to Rare Carat’s customer service team to see if we could help them, so this does not appear to be an isolated issue.

Last we heard, Enchanted Diamonds sent out an email on June 15th telling customers that they will be resuming operations on June 17th. We hope that this is the case, and that Enchanted Diamonds will be fulfilling all orders as promised.

On this Sunday, June 16th, we are trying to understand more about the situation and will keep you updated. If you are a consumer that has bought from Enchanted Diamonds and are currently waiting for a delivery, please read on for relevant information.

For those affected

My team and I are deeply disappointed with the way in which Enchanted Diamond’s conduct has affected customers. I started Rare Carat because I hated the shadiness I experienced while buying a diamond, so I take this personally.

I have instructed the team to assist and guide any Enchanted Diamonds customers affected, whether you used Rare Carat’s search engine or not. Please email to let us know – as a search engine we don’t track where people buy.

I hope everything is resolved swiftly. But if it turns out that we are looking at a worst case scenario, I want to convey that Rare Carat will provide a lawyer to file a lawsuit in the State of New York on your behalf to recover your money from Enchanted Diamonds. Rare Carat will cover these expenses out of our own pockets for you. This is regardless of whether you used Rare Carat or not during your diamond search.

What we know about Enchanted Diamonds

Enchanted Diamonds has not been listed on our search engine since May 30th, when we paused their listings noticing data errors – namely, mispriced and artificially treated diamonds that are against Rare Carat’s rules. We informed Joshua Niamehr, Enchanted Diamond’s CEO, to fix these issues before being reinstated.

Retailers listing their diamonds on Rare Carat’s search engine must meet certain conditions. While they were listed and we ran our checks, this is what we knew: Enchanted Diamonds passed our last industry reference checks with leading diamond suppliers and nothing seemed unusual during multiple site visits. They had operated for over 6 years and had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Enchanted Diamonds had a 4.5 star rating on Google and a 4.5 star rating on Yelp - as a benchmark, consumer ratings of some major retailers like Blue Nile and James Allen are lower. Additionally, a quick Google search shows that many other reputable diamond industry sites recommended Enchanted Diamonds – and some are still listing and recommending Enchanted Diamonds while I write this.

Non-fulfilment of a customer order would be an extraordinary situation and we are hoping it does not come to that. But so that you have the relevant information: customers are protected under federal law in such a situation, specifically under the Federal Trade Commission’s Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule.



A note to those local and online retailers listed on the Rare Carat search engine that are also affected by this situation

At the moment, dozens of retailers on the Rare Carat search engine are on pause while we probe each one more deeply to ensure everything is above board.

We know many of you are small, independent shops that rely on us, and this pause hurts your business. Please do bear with us while we reach out to you individually to run further background checks.

However, our primary concern at the moment is with the Enchanted Diamonds customers affected, and our resources are focused here – so please be patient at this time.

It’s unfortunate that one potential bad actor – impacting what looks to be approximately a dozen out of 5 million Rare Carat users - could hurt so many honest independent jewelers that list on the search engine.

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