Marie Claire asks Rare Carat about Princess Beatrice’s engagement ring

This Is How Much Princess Beatrice's Engagement Ring Is Valued At, According to Experts

By Katherine J Igoe

September 27, 2019

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  • Royal fans are gushing over Princess Beatrice's new engagement ring.
  • Rare Caret values the ring at $130,000, which ranks among the valuation for Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's engagement rings.
  • Here's everything we know about Beatrice's husband-to-be.

Newly engaged Princess Beatrice has had royal fans delighted for her and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, but the most excitement has centered around her gorgeous engagement ring—which is drawing comparison to her grandmother the Queen's ring, too! According to Ajay Anand, CEO of Rare Carat, this is his valuation of what Beatrice's ring would be valued at currently and might have cost (it's an estimation, obviously, since he hasn't seen the real thing) and how it might compare to other iconic royal rings.

Let's get the obvious out of the way here: None of the royals would ever sell their rings (it's more likely they'll pass the jewelry down). Furthermore, it's not a competition to see whose is the most expensive—ring style comes down to personal choice and preference. My hands are tiny, and ginormous rings look unbelievably stupid on me, for example. So this is just a fun little exercise, and a guesstimate at what they might be worth.

Anand's team of gemologists and data scientists "estimate [Beatrice's ring] to be a 4 carat round brilliant cut center. Assuming top quality, and the classic style with tapered baguettes on the side, we estimate the retail value to be $130K." Wow.

It's similar in style and size to Meghan Markle's stone, "except Meghan opted for a cushion cut rather than the more popular and expensive round shape. We'd estimate the retail value of Meghan's at $100K, putting Beatrice's just a bit higher." (If you remember, Meghan actually redesigned her ring slightly, and received a third ring as an anniversary present from Harry).

"However, Kate Middleton's sapphire ring, an heirloom from the days of Princess Diana's, would easily fetch $500K, more than the combined worth of both these rings." And, TBH, that would be on the lower side, I'd imagine. Diana's possessions and clothing sells for higher than expected, often.

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