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A-Rod and J.Lo: How the newly engaged MLB superstar and Hollywood power couple makes and spends their millions


Dec 27, 2018

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  • Retired MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez and quadruple threat Jennifer Lopez formed one of the most famous and glamorous power couples in Hollywood - known to many as "J-Rod" - when they began dating in early 2017.
  • Between Lopez's incredibly lucrative singing, dancing, acting, and producing career and Rodriguez's record-breaking MLB earnings, the couple has many hundreds of millions of dollars between them.

Singer, dancer, actress, and producer Jennifer Lopez and retired MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez are household names in their respective fields, but they reached a new level of fame when they began dating in early 2017.

Lopez has an estimated net worth of $400 million thanks to her nine albums, residency in Las Vegas, and various movies and TV shows. Additionally, she has accumulated quite a fortune through endorsements and her brands.

Rodriguez, meanwhile, retired from professional baseball after the 2016 season with an MLB-record $480 million in career earnings. He's since moved on to a successful career as an MLB analyst and commentator with FOX Sports and ESPN.

Even though the power couple made their money separately, they have seamlessly adjusted to making big purchases together, including a fabulous New York City condo in the tallest residential building in the Big Apple and a luxurious trip to the Mediterranean.

All-around entertainment dynamo Jennifer Lopez and retired MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez make up one of the most famous and exciting power couples in Hollywood.

They started dating in 2017, well after they became household names in their respective fields.

Based on an Instagram photo Lopez posted, experts at JamesAllen.com estimated that her engagement ring is approximately 15 carats and worth over $1 million. The gemologists and diamond PhDs at Rare Carat, meanwhile, guessed that the emerald-cut diamond is 20 carats and, if it is flawless and colorless, is worth around $4.5 million.

They can certainly afford the steep price of the ring. Lopez — a singer, dancer, actress, and producer — has built an empire and has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

Between hit singles and worldwide tours, J. Lo has enjoyed an incredibly lucrative music career.

The Bronx, New York, native's debut album "On the 6" is 3x platinum, selling 3.42 million units worldwide.

Nearly two decades since the release of "On the Six," Lopez has dropped eight more albums and has been nominated for two Grammy awards.

Lopez has embarked on five tours that have undoubtedly added to her net worth.

After her aptly named "Let's Get Loud" tour in 2001, Lopez reeled in a reported $765,000 in earnings.

More than a decade later, J. Lo embarked on the 78-show "Dance Again World Tour" to earn a whopping $50,362,300.

Additionally, her Las Vegas residency, which spanned from 2016 to 2018, earned more than $1 million in ticket sales, making it the highest grossing show in Planet Hollywood's history.

As if that wasn't enough, Lopez has assembled a serious acting resume that has made her the highest-paid Latina film actress in history.

She's earned an estimated $90 million cumulatively for appearances in movies like "Out of Sight," "Maid in Manhattan," "The Wedding Planner," "Antz," "Ice Age: Collision Course," and "Second Act".

Lopez also earned $12 million for each of the three seasons she served as a judge on "American Idol".

On top of that, J. Lo has used her likeness to found her incredibly successful clothing brand and a newly-released makeup line.

She also has multimillion-dollar deals with major brands, including Venus, Gillette, Gucci, Pepsi, Louis Vuitton, Fiat, and L'Oreal.

She spent some of that money on a gorgeous mansion in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles.

Then, in 2016, Lopez bought a gorgeous 13,932 square-foot home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air.

She also bought a $10 million Hamptons estate in 2013.

That summer, she had an intruder living in her guest house for a week.

Her second half, meanwhile, enjoyed a fruitful professional baseball career and retired after the 2016 season with an MLB-record $480 million in career earnings.

The 14-time MLB All-Star has also made millions off of past endorsement deals with companies like Nike, Rawlings, Topps, and Vita Coco.

His astronomical career earnings could have been even higher if not for a doping scandal that cost him $40 million and a spot in the Hall of Fame.

He still walked away from the diamond with an unfathomable amount of money and a broadcasting deal with Fox Sports.

Then, in 2018, A-Rod agreed to a deal to become a commentator for "Sunday Night Baseball," ESPN's flagship MLB program.

Rodriguez has used his money to make some pretty exciting purchases.

In 2007, he bought a Gulfstream IV jet that seats 14 people.

Three years later, he purchased a $7.4 million plot of land in Miami and began constructing a massive, minimalistic home.

Once it was finished, he lived there for a year before selling the mansion for $30 million in 2013.

He shelled out $2.1 million for a condo on the beach in Miami, but he sold it less than a year later.

In 2014, Rodriguez bought Meryl Streep's former home in Hollywood Hills. He listed the home in 2018 for $6.5 million.

In addition to his real estate hobby, Rodriguez is a big fan of art. His collection includes pieces by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Nate Lowman.

His Nate Lowman painting is worth $140,000, according to the NY Post.

A-Rod is reportedly very generous with those he is closest with.

Starting in 2004, he bought every rookie on his team three suits each.

And that generosity has translated seamlessly to his relationship with Lopez.

Just a few days into 2018, Lopez and Rodriguez visited Puerto Rico to announce the donation of $2 million to various Primary Health Centers of Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

A few months later, Lopez and Rodriguez spent the day of the Oscars, teaching Bronx teens how to make wise financial decisions at an event with the nonprofit organization Project Destined.

Still, the power couple enjoys opulence as much as any other famous couple in Hollywood. They aptly made their red carpet debut together at one of the most extravagant events of the year — the Met Gala — in May of 2017.

The duo took in the 2018 World Series together at Fenway Park.

And they take in Los Angeles Lakers games from courtside seats.

They took a luxurious trip to Italy during the summer of 2018.

And they even spent some of their time on the water.

The duo bought a $15 million condo together in the tallest residential building in Manhattan back in March of 2018.

And they now share the Bel Air mansion Lopez purchased in 2016.

"All over the house are pictures of [Lopez's and Rodriguez's] four children as one family," wrote Bethany McLean in a Vanity Fair profile.

Even despite their hundreds of millions of dollars, family continues to be the most valuable thing to Lopez and Rodriguez.

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