Diamond fluorescence - what is it?

Fluorescence in GIA diamonds is simply the visible light that a diamond emits when exposed to UV rays.

In the grading labs they place every diamond under a UV lamp, and the intensity of the light that shows through determines the level of fluorescence given to a diamond on a GIA grading report. Easy! 

So, is fluorescence common? YES! 25% to 35% of all diamonds graded by the GIA in the last ten years had some level of fluorescence (but only 10% of those had a ‘medium’ or higher level of fluorescence). 

Is diamond fluorescence good or bad?

Whether or not you are OK with fluorescence is completely up to you - some people love it, some people don’t. The truth is that most people won’t be able to tell one way or another if a stone has fluorescence, unless it is ‘very strong’ (and even then, not always). 

The bottom line is that fluorescence won’t compromise the structure of the diamond in any way, and will have scarcely any impact on the aesthetics of the stone either.

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So, do you think that you are an expert on fluorescence now? Well we’ve barely scratched the surface, so go read more on diamond fluorescence

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